What is new with Truett this month…? Well, he cut 3 more molars and a fourth is on it’s way, he gets himself on and off the toilet on his own now, he has gotten more and more vocal all the time and he definitely looks taller lately! He looks like a 3 year old more than a 2.5 year old. I have noticed that Tru is very good at playing pretend now. He will make stuffed animals talk to each other and his play is so much more imaginative just in the last few weeks.

The stuff Tru has been saying really shows that he hears EVERYTHING we say and is a little parrot of sorts. The other day he was taking a shower with me (he begs to take showers with us) and I looked down and laughed at his tiny little naked butt. I said “Tru, you have a cute butt.” A few minutes later I was rinsing my hair and Tru exclaimed “Hey! You have a cute butt, mom!” Over the course of the last few days he has also told me that my arms and hands are cute as well… He’s always good for a laugh. Also, when I get him out of the bath, he likes to play this game where he will ask for a “cow” and I correct him and say “towel!”. He laughs and says “No! COWWWW!” over and over. Sometimes we switch it up and I tell him it’s a cow and he corrects me. He has started learning about how words can sound similar and he thinks that is just so nifty. 😉

I wanted to grab a few outfits for myself the other day and I took the boys with me. (Which was crazy but that’s another story…) While I tried everything on in the fitting room, Tru exclaimed to me that each outfit was “Pretty, Mom!” I told him his wife is going to LOOOOOVE shopping with him someday!! I find it particularly irritating when I try clothes on and ask DH his opinion and he is all…. *shrug* “Sure.” I’m taking Tru from now on!;)

We were driving home late the other night and I knew he was getting tired. I told him that we could get a bottle, brush his teeth, get pajamas and go to bed when we got home. He kept reminding DH and I that we would do all those things by repeating it to us the whole way home. And yes, he still drinks 1 bottle a day. I no longer worry about it. It’s 1 bottle. I really don’t care. I thinks it’s more of a security thing for him than anything else and I’m fine with that if it makes him feel cared for. He will give it up eventually. He won’t be 18 and taking a bottle before bed…. I think.

I love how he always replies with “Mm hmm!” or “Zes!” (yes). I will tell him something and he repeats it back “Zes! My go see baby chickies.” (My brother got a batch of baby chicks and Tru is in love!) Tru refers to himself as “My” a lot. He was very confused about who “you” referred to until recently (still is I think – after I wrote this he pointed to a picture and said “See! It’s you!” But it was him when he was 1). He seemed to think that “you” was another person entirely which was obvious when he would point to photos and say “That’s you!” when it clearly wasn’t. I think the confusion stemmed from me showing him his baby pictures which he was sure were Levi. I kept telling Tru “No, that’s you!” Thus “you” became a mysterious third baby.

The repetition is interesting at times as Tru repeats EVERYTHING I tell him. But he’s learning new words and new ways of structuring sentences so it’s actually a good thing. Plus, I know he is paying attention. 😉 We are still working on his Bible verses which he loves to do. 🙂


As far as him getting himself on and off the toilet, I was totally surprised that he learned to do that so quickly! One day I was on the phone and he told me he had to pee. I told him to go in the bathroom and I followed after him. I came to the door and he was already on the toilet! He does have to take his pants completely off to do that but it’s not a problem as he is able to put them back on himself. Once he learned to take himself, potty time became less annoying to him as he never has to wait while I finish up stuff with Levi and so on. He doesn’t even have to tell me although he usually does announce it. If it’s poop, he hollers from the bathroom “My yucky, mom! It’s gross! Super gross!” and I go wipe him and help him flush. 😉 In public, I let him wear a pull-up (which he still calls them undies) and we don’t worry about going to the toilet. If we make it to the bathroom, fine and if not, neither of us is upset about it. He also learned to go standing and likes to pee out in the grass. Whatever keeps him dry is fine by me!

Probably one of my favorite things right now is that Tru says all the time “My nuggle mommy.” (Or daddy) And will climb up in our laps and sometimes he will even lay there next to us for more than 2 seconds. Levi is crazy jealous right now and will cry and cry until I am holding them both together, which is also fun. Sometimes when Levi is taking a nap, Tru and I will just chill on the couch watching TV and eating popcorn. As much as Tru enjoys it, he is always concerned with “Where baby go?”. He is the most caring and protective 2.5 year old brother I have ever seen. He is always watching out for baby. Like the other day, I forgot to buckle Levi in his carseat as I was having to fix Tru’s seat and Tru reminded me about putting Levi’s buckles on. Made me feel kind of like an awful mom but also thankful that Tru is such a watchful big brother.

The last week has been beautiful weather so we have been spending quite a bit of time outside. The boys love to play in their sandbox we bought last year and Tru asks several times a day to play in it. He also loves playing with the dog (who has been doing a lot better with Tru now that Tru is getting older) and feeds him and helps me give him water. Tru will lay right on the ground to watch the dog eat which is cute and hilarious. I tried to get a picture the other day but by the time I grabbed the camera, Tru had moved. We didn’t get to walk last week at all as it was rainy and I didn’t have a good day to go, but we went once this week with DH. I’m thrilled that my boys love to be outdoors and I want to feed that in them so hopefully they will still enjoy it when they are older. Today we were working out in the flower beds and I found a small toad. I put it in a bucket for Tru and he was absolutely beside himself with joy playing with it. He is still talking about the “frog”.


Dear God, thank You for the good growth and maturity that Tru is showing. I am so happy to watch him learning and growing all the time. Please protect him and watch over him all the days of his life. In Jesus’ name, amen.