I realize I have been a bit lacking with the updates recently. I thought I would do a bullet post to get caught up a bit. Not that I can ever remember half of what I wanted to write about. Some is just random jibber-jabber and some is random updates.

•The network my phone runs on has been messed up. If you have tried contacting me via text and I didn’t reply, it’s because I didn’t receive your message. I’m not even sure if my texts are going through to some people. DH and I have suffered even further communication failure due to this issue. At least he has an excuse this time. 😉

•I have fallen head-long back into the crazy world of OPKing. Actually, I’ve only taken 1 so far this month (today) and it was – . But any day now! If I start to get too crazy, I promise I will quit. 😉 I’ve lost track of my CD but I know I’m near mid-month. Which leads me to my next point…

•I have an appointment with a hematologist next week. I called her office and asked if she would be willing to work with me in light of the recent loss. She called me herself and we had a nice chat on the phone. I really liked her a lot. She wants me to come in and we can discuss things further. She is actually not familiar with MTHFR, but she said she thought we could work something out for me to be on Lovenox full time at a low dose. She would monitor me from time to time if needed to be sure my blood isn’t too thin.

•I have been babysitting for my cousin this week. Her baby is around 6 months. Having 3 kids has been a lot of work, but doable. Tru and Levi both love him and want to *take care* of him all day. Levi smothers him in kisses nonstop and pokes his finger at him while making kissing sounds. Tru woke up Monday to find baby N here and was disturbed at first as Levi was still asleep. He seemed to be confused as he was sure that this was NOT the right baby. When I went to get Levi out of bed, Tru exclaimed in relief over and over “THERE’S the baby!” Tru is so protective of his Levi. He is always watching out for him and asking him things.

•Levi held up a sock the other day and said “Nim”. Tru then showed me the sock and told me “It’s a nim.” Crazy boys! Isn’t Tru supposed to be teaching Levi, not the other way around?

•Levi has learned to climb and is climbing on everything! A couple days ago I caught him climbing on a kitchen chair. I got him down and put the chair away. I turned to wipe off the counter and when I looked behind me again, he was sitting on the table! Panic. Attack. !!! Today he managed to bite his tongue somehow badly enough that it bled everywhere. Poor baby. 😦

•And his newest game is to take the vent off on of the heating ducts and throw everything down there. We are already short at least 1 sippy cup that has been lost down there forever. One evening I started freaking out because it seemed like stuff was getting sucked into another dimension around here. Days later DH found the motherload in the heat duct. My hairbrush was also *lost* at some point. I really need to buy a grate that screws into the floor….. He’s so sneaky about it too.

•I’ve planted a ton of flowers in my hanging baskets and pots on the porch during the last couple weeks. I’ve also added 2 more flower beds with lots of perennials. Lilies, rhododendrons, phlox, and a host of other plants. I am loving getting more landscaping done! I have also bought strawberry and blueberry plants and am starting a berry variety patch. I just want to buy a few trees for the backyard and grab a couple vegetable plants and I’ll call it done. Yeah right! 😉 I’m never done. As long as there are clearance plants that need my TLC, I’ll keep expanding my gardens.

•I’ve had a lump in my upper to mid right abdomen for the last several months. Maybe since Jan or so. I finally went to the NP to have her feel it. She sent me for an ultrasound last week. It was determined that nothing was there that didn’t belong but my gallbladder is inflamed. Seems strange to me that my gallbladder alone is causing such a big lump but the ultrasound showed nothing to worry about. I also had no visible gallstones so there’s no obvious reason for inflammation. I’m considering doing a gallbladder cleanse. I am still weighing the pros and cons. Pros, it might reduce the swelling and alleviate the slight tenderness. Cons, if a gallbladder cleanse goes wrong, it can lead to having to get the gallbladder removed. That would be terrible! Anyone have personal experience with doing a cleanse? ….I think I said gallbladder enough!

That should about do it for updates and so on. 🙂


Levi is seriously eating a "boo" out of the top of my shirt. Lol. I felt kind of like a mother cat getting climbed on by kittens.