How far along? 35 weeks 5 days (10-20-17)

Symptoms? I flip between “I feel great!” and “I want this baby out yesterday!!” Some days I really do still feel good, but the pelvic pressure (OH THE PRESSURE!), SPD pain, and breathlessness do take their toll on me at times. Acid reflux and occasional queasiness have followed me the last few weeks. I’ve taken Zofran a few times when the nausea kept me awake at night or kept me in bed during the day. Definitely nothing compared to the first trimester though!

Weight? +38

Cravings/aversions? This question just seems silly at this point. ๐Ÿ˜›

Sleep? Surprisingly good! I think I get up to pee about 5+ times BUT, keep in mind that even non-pregnant, I still get up 3-4 times a night because of my bladder problems. The fact that I can currently fall right back to sleep is awesome! I am enjoying being able to sleep now while it lasts.

Exercise? Nope. It’s not happening. I don’t really think it’s going to. I get so winded that it doesn’t feel possible now. But, I am still doing stretches!

Bump? I feel like it’s smaller this week. Maybe he is engaged? I forgot to ask the Dr today. I had a BPP and NST today and since he was taking awhile to do the practice breathing that they look for, the tech measured his foot, just for fun. It was about 7.6cm, so another little bigfoot baby! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Fluid was around 14cm. We are all getting really excited to meet Zane! Tru and Levi talk about him all the time and can’t wait to see him. Tru says he will help Zane with his seat belt and with opening the van door so he can get in. I think the boys are going to be really shocked when they see just how tiny and helpless a newborn really is. I have told them that Zane won’t know how to talk at first and Tru said “But he has a mouth!” We let Levi watch his birth video (I made it so he couldn’t see anything gruesome, just him appearing on my chest. He is still confused and thinks we need to cut the baby out. OUCH! He demonstrates with his hands on my belly. I asked Tru where babies come from since I didn’t know what his thoughts were. He said “From your butt.” in a really *obviously* tone of voice. It made me laugh!

Labor signs? I guess now would be a good time to add this question. I wouldn’t say that it’s a “labor sign” per say, but I did feel baby kind of move down or something about 3 days ago. After that, the pelvic pressure because immense and I can feel his head in my pelvis. Like when I’m walking, it’s weird cause there is this roundness inside. Hard to explain…. anyway… I am also having menstrual type cramps off and on and BH contractions. I had a check up today and I am 2cm dilated. Not sure on effacement, if I am at all. But I’m thrilled to have 2cm out of the way already! Hopefully labor kicks off on it’s own. OH, and I found out that my group B strep test came back negative, which is awesome!!



The Dr I saw today had me schedule an induction for 39 weeks but then called me later and said she hadn’t realized I had a prior c-section until she looked through my notes. So she doesn’t want to induce with pitocin (and neither do I) so her suggestion was that I go in at 39 weeks and they break my water and see if I go into labor. Which is a big bucket of nopes for me! First, I don’t want to be on the clock when they won’t give me pitocin if labor doesn’t start. (SO different that my last clinic who pushed pitocin like it was the best thing ever! I really didn’t like it because it made my contractions unnaturally close. Like, almost no break at all. And that is why it was turned off after only 1.5 hours.) Second, I am in no rush to lose the cushion of the water because it can lead to distress in the baby and definitely made my contractions with Levi infinitely more painful but not more productive! Third, I feel like that is a recipe for a c-section and I only want a c-section if baby and/or I NEED one. Not just because we wouldn’t let nature take it’s course. Anyway… I have a check up with my primary OB next week, Lord willing, and I plan to talk all this over with her and get her thoughts and let her know how I feel about it. I do hope we can start with something simple like a membrane sweep and not try to get in a rush. Ultimately, I do feel that this group of Drs (at least most of them) are willing to hear me and not be pushy. I really appreciate that!


Dear God, thank You for this beautiful day and for the blessings we’ve experienced all week. Please continue to watch over our family while we make this big, exciting transition to adding another precious person. Please keep Zane healthy and strong and I pray that You will work out all the details of the birth according to Your will. In Jesus’ name, amen.