How far along? 34 weeks 6 days (10-14-17) I hit a wall today with feeling like I will be pregnant with this baby forever while simultaneously having worries over the birth. I had a cry while I was driving, being careful to make myself stop crying and blow the AC on my face before I reached my destination. Unfortunately, crying didn’t make me feel better and my nose was red, but walking around in the fresh air and sunshine and spending time with DH and the boys at a fundraising event DH was singing at made me feel a lot better. Emotional pregnant lady coming through! 😉

Symptoms? I suppose that being emotional could make the list! I also have:
⦁ Sore nips (STILLLLLLL) And I keep forgetting to say, they have been so dry that I started using my new cream on them. It’s helped quite a bit.
⦁ Very sore feet despite rubbing them with balm and soaking them in epsom salt frequently. I will say, all this balm has made my feet really soft!!
⦁ Increased pelvic pressure and mild SPD pain. It’s mostly the grinding at night when I roll over. But when I walk much or carry extra weight, it flares up. I think it was worse with Tru and Levi though.
⦁ And apparently horrible pregnancy brain because I can’t think of much else at the moment….
⦁ I certainly have the normal aches and pains of the third trimester…. the breathlessness (especially early in the day and right after laying down sometimes), tiredness and just general difficulty hauling my big belly around. But I can’t complain. I definitely am doing pretty well yet.

Weight? +37 according to my scale at home. The Dr’s office scale says no gain in 3 weeks. In fact, according to their scale, I’ve lost maybe half a pound. But since I always weigh myself first thing in the morning at home, I’m more apt to believe my scale. 😉

Sleep? I wake up several times a night to pee, which is nothing new, of course. But lately, the pressure from the baby makes me feel like I am barely going to make it out of bed, let alone actually get to the toilet! But sleep in general has been going well. I think that the combination of rubbing my feet and calves, drinking my 4 cups of raspberry leaf tea per day, and taking my magnesium has really helped with calming the restless legs syndrome. I still have times when the RLS drives me nuts. But honestly, I’m pretty convinced it’s the tea that has helped the most, even though I’ve never seen anything saying that it helps that issue.

Cravings/aversions? Nothing notable. Although I am enjoying my raspberry leaf tea lately. I’ve been brewing a quart at a time and drinking it throughout the day. I let it cool and add maybe 1/8 cup of sugar. Then I chill it and drink it iced. YUM!

Exercise? Still not happening…. ;P

Bump? I had a growth ultrasound yesterday and baby is measuring 6lbs even. That puts him in the 57th percentile. His head is wayyyy down in my pelvis. So low that they had trouble getting a good measurement. He looked great and was sucking those little fingers, of course. I’m convinced that is almost all he does in there! He had one foot by his face and in the picture they printed for us, his toe is touching his eye! He was facing my back and kept sticking his butt out. The tech kept digging the probe into my belly button while trying to take measurements and my belly was so sore after that! Even on a normal day, I can feel the heat radiating from my belly button when I put my hand over my belly because it is so angry at being stretched. Also, I think his fluid was 12ish cm. Last week it was 17.



Aside from that, I had a check up and NST yesterday as well which included the lovely group-b strep swab. I was GBS positive with Tru but not with Levi. Hoping it comes back negative because I don’t want antibiotics if I can avoid them. I have taken so much probiotics this time in an attempt to combat the daily maintenance dose I already have to be on.



Anyway, I had a contraction on the monitor so the Dr wanted to check for dilation while she was at it. Not much going on yet. Which is good, I guess. But I hope my body starts getting ready soon because I am SOOOO wanting to avoid an induction AND definitely worry that if I do end up going to my due date, baby will be too big and I’ll need a c-section. These were mainly the things I was crying about earlier…. Nerves regarding the when and how of the birth. But I’ll try to be sensible and remain calm… key word, try.


After my appointment, we did some stocking up on groceries for after baby comes. I have the meal components in a box and wrote a list of the meals with detailed instructions for DH or whoever is heating them up. I have anything that can be pre-prepped, in the freezer already. I still want to freeze several more meals but I think I have at least 8 ready to go so far. 🙂 Lasagna, meatloaf, tacos, chili, pot roast, venison and noodles, chicken fajitas, bbq meatballs, and a few frozen pizzas.


Overall this week was uneventful aside from Tru waking up before 6am Monday, saying that his belly hurt. I asked if he was going to throw up and he said no. So I made him a bed on my bedroom floor and was awoken a bit later to him throwing up. I jumped out of bed (well, as much as one can jump in my state) and called to DH to grab a towel. He threw one out of the bathroom but it was too late. Sadly, Tru threw up twice more that morning. But he was back to feeling like himself later in the day and was eating and playing again by noon. I don’t know if he was sick or if it was just his belly being off.



I have plans to attend a CPR class next week with my mom and several of my sisters. Levi had an incident at the birthday party that DH’s mom had for Tru last week (side note: need to post Tru’s 4 year update!) where he choked really bad on a gummy worm. It was a joint effort from DH’s sister and me to remove it and it left me and Levi both very shook up. He stayed pretty close to me for the next hour or so and I just felt nervous the rest of the day. I already had plans to take the CPR class, but that really cemented the decision for me, so that night I sent my RSVP. I wanted my sisters and mom to take the class too because they watch my kids and other kids all the time. When Levi choked so bad, I realized that I don’t know what to do really. I was able to get the gummy worm out, but what is the procedure if you can’t remove the object? That’s why I’m glad to be taking the class!



Wow, I didn’t mean for this post to take such a heavy turn! I want to end on a good note, so I’ll just say, it was a beautiful day today with the weather and I enjoyed being with my little family. The boys got to play in bouncy houses and we encountered some very sweet, small town people. One vendor gave me half off on a sign I bought to give as a Christmas gift, plus she gave the boys each a treat for free. I won a storage container from another vendor. DH had the opportunity to bless people with his music and gave away some CDs. He played at 2 events today but I brought the boys home after the first one. They worked on a craft they were given at the event, then took naps while I got some much needed rest. Then they played with their new dry erase markers (literally their favorite thing right now!) and we had a quiet evening. Overall, a very nice end to a fairly quiet week. 🙂



Dear God, thank You for the beautiful weather and the family time you blessed us with this week. Thank You for Zane looking so healthy! Please bless us with a beautiful birth in whatever way is Your will for him to be born. I pray that he will be born at the right time and be healthy and safe. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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