I wanted to get this out before I forgot absolutely everything. Time really flies!

I left off with us in the delivery room. Me getting stitched up and Levi getting some oxygen before being given back to me for breastfeeding. He seemed to take to nursing like a champ and was happy to nurse several times before we were moved to our recovery room about 4 hours after the birth. He nursed for about 20 minutes at a time and I was very hopeful we would have a good breast feeding experience. My FIL came to see Levi that night and my BIL who had been sitting in the waiting room with my niece for about 7 hours, finally got to come in and see him as well.


We all got good sleep that night with Levi sleeping one 5 hour stretch. It was great for us to all get rest after DH and I had been up all night the night before while I was in labor. The Dr came by in the morning and asked me if I wanted a blood transfusion as my blood count had dropped to 7, but the thought of a bag of blood hanging over me was enough to make me decline. I was dizzy upon standing but I was starting to get my vision back without going cross eyed. I was having these weird allusions that the bed was going up and down. It was weird. The Dr told me that she was proud that I was her patient and that she had learned a lot from me. I think this was her way of apologizing for being so pushy and hard to deal with throughout my labor. I think she realized that she had gone too far. She told me at one point that she had been making me mad on purpose because she knew that would motivate me… whether that is true or not, I don’t know. But she for sure did motivate me! I was determined to show her (by the grace of God!) and in the end, I did. She kept telling me and my family that I was a strong woman and that she could never give birth naturally. (I guess she didn’t think the shot of epidural I had 3 hours before giving birth counted. I know it was gone by the time I started pushing but I am so thankful I had it during that forever long transition part.) The Dr said we could probably go home that day if we wanted to but the pediatrician came by and quickly crushed those dreams. DH’s grandma and 2 aunts came to see us and we had fun showing off our little guy.

Later on in the day, the nurse came and told us that Levi had jaundice. I had thought maybe he did because he was starting to look yellow. I had asked DH to hold him by the window earlier that day in the sunlight but unfortunately, he needed to placed under a light and on a light blanket. His level was at 10 and every 6 hours they would take him for a heel stick and it would keep rising even though he was on the lights. It went to 11 and then 12 and by then it was the next day and the pediatrician ordered another light. So he was on 3 lights now, wearing adorable little goggles over his eyes that he absolutely hated and cried over. It was hard for me because we couldn’t hold him except long enough for me to breast feed him and then put him right back. And I had to keep him on the light blanket so it was awkward to hold him. He cried about 90% of the night the first night he was on the lights and DH and I took turns holding his hands and feet through the door of the incubator to comfort him. Eventually, he accepted that he was brought into this world to be abandoned in an incubator and stopped crying. It broke my heart!!! I have to say, one positive about this whole situation is that the hospital where I gave birth is absolutely wonderful and they make every effort to keep mom and baby together. So the incubator and lights were brought into our room and he stayed with us the entire time except for leaving for his heel pricks and weight checks. It was wonderful to have him right there even though we couldn’t hold him.


Not at all happy under the light the first night.


I have to say though, the goggles were really cute. 🙂


DH on one of his turns during the night trying to comfort baby.


I wish I had taken pictures of the delivery room because it was big and beautiful. But this is the recovery room. DH got to have his own bed because the hospital is doing construction and they had extra beds available so they gave him one.


With both of the births of our babies, DH has watched a huge amount of Pawn Stars. I don’t know what he was watching here but by day 3 and not getting to hold Levi, we were both getting pretty bored.


By day 2 Levi’s weight dropped to 7lbs 9oz which was only down 4.7% (I think) so the Dr was happy with that. I kept breast feeding and started pumping often to give him whatever drops I could get and to help my milk come in sooner. It started to come in by day 2 and was in better by day 3 when I was pumping an ounce and a half at a time. I was in dire pain with breast feeding by then with cracking nipples (something I never had with Tru) so DH was giving Levi pumped milk with a bottle which was helpful because we could see how much he was getting. I had to start using a nipple shield at every feeding because he was doing some weird tongue rolling thing that he thankfully outgrew and also because he has an unusually high pallet. (As of yesterday, I have stopped using the nipple shield although the soreness is coming back so we may have to use it every other feeding or something for awhile.)

I was discharged from the hospital after 48 hours but we were all allowed to stay in the room as guests as long as they didn’t need the room back. If they did need the room at some point, we would be allowed to stay in a tiny breast feeding room without beds but at least we would still be with Levi and he would still be in our room. This hospital works so hard to make sure mom and baby are not separated. It was such a comfort to me that I could stay with him. Even though I wasn’t a patient and wasn’t getting meals anymore, they still let us use the kitchen and eat whatever we could find in there. Absolutely so nice and handy.

We were told that Levi’s jaundice was caused by us having different blood types. I am a bit confused as to how it all works and my facts may be off but the way I understand it is, my body made antibodies against Levi’s blood and he was born with these antibodies fighting his own blood cells. Something like that. This kind of jaundice can take a long time to get over and is one of the more serious types.

On day 3, the pediatrician came by and said she wanted Levi on the lights another day and maybe they would finally get around to circumcising him that day. A few minutes later though, we were told they needed our room and that they were going to do a trial of taking Levi off the lights for the day and see where his bilirubin levels came back at. I think they were 11 or 12 at this point. So, we spent the day cuddling our baby in the sunlight coming in the windows. They ended up not needing our room after all either which was nice. That evening, Levi was circumcised and his level came back at 12 or 13 so we were sent home with him on the Bili Blanket. He was our little glow worm. I was beyond thankful to go home. At the hospital, we couldn’t get any sleep with Drs and nurses coming in every 1-2 hours checking on Levi all night.

On day 4 we went to the pediatrician and she had Levi’s bilirubin tested again and left him on the blanket another day and night since his level was 14 (I think, facts are getting fuzzy). The next day it was 13 and we FINALLY got to take him off the blanket and hold him without that bulky cord and being stuck in one spot. We spent the rest of the week catching up on baby snuggles and enjoying our 2 boys at home.

Tru didn’t know what to think of his baby brother when we came home! We got his reaction on video and it was adorable! He was so happy to see us after so many days. (We left Thursday night at 11pm and came home Monday night after 9pm) He didn’t even notice that there was a baby in the car seat at first since he was busy inspecting other bags. When he looked in the car seat, he wanted to pull Levi out and play with him. I think he thought Levi was a doll. We helped him hold him on the couch and he was pretty impressed but when the boobs came out and Levi started nursing, Tru started getting a little jealous. He would lean towards the boob and make chomping sounds. We had a couple incidents where he started out gently patting the baby and then got more rough. We have had to be so careful about telling him to be gentle because it hurts his feelings easily.


Tru loves to lay his head on Levi. He hugs and kisses him all day long. He worries about him when he cries and the first thing he does every morning is run up to the bassinet in the living room and look for Levi. Melts my heart!!! 🙂


The handsome daddy of my 2 gorgeous boys. 🙂


DH, Tru and Levi all sleep like this. I do not. I think it is cute how parents can pass traits like that on to their children.


First sponge bath.


Tru likes to be right there whenever we are holding Levi. I don’t mind the extra cuddles. 😉


It’s always a kissing triangle around here nowadays.


In his coming home from the hospital outfit.


Ready for the drive home.


This picture was hanging on the wall across from my bad and I stared at it for 3 days freaking out about how much that looks like me when I’m not pregnant. DH doesn’t see it.

DSCN3053 DSCN3046 DSCN3034 DSCN3033 DSCN3031 DSCN3020

Well I think that is enough for now. I will try to post about week 2 asap.

Dear God, Thank You so much for bringing us safely and happily through the hospital stay and through Levi’s first week and for blessing us so much with the gift that our 2 precious little boys are to us. In Jesus’ name, amen.