This week we are getting settled into our grove here. I am alone with the boys all day while DH is at work and so far I have done fine on my own. Thank God. I did get my sister to go with me to Levi’s weight check and Truett’s 18 month check up. But next week she isn’t available so I suppose I may have to figure out how to get one tiny newborn and one active toddler into the Dr’s office on my own for another weight check and *gulp* blood draw for Levi.

Levi’s bilirubin check came back 6 days after going off the light at a 9. The pediatrician was somewhat surprised that his jaundice wasn’t completely gone so she said to stop breast feeding for 24 hours and use formula to flush the bilirubin through. I did this at first but after a few bottles, I didn’t feel right about compromising our breast feeding for something that isn’t proven to lower high bilirubin when it is caused by blood incompatibility, so I went back to breast feeding. Levi had decided he didn’t want to latch without the nipple shield and I think he was liking the bottle better so we struggled all night and all day with getting him to latch on again. He would fuss and fight for as long as 10 minutes before finally getting on and nursing. Thankfully, he seems to be happy to nurse again although I am really sore from not using the nipple shield in over 24 hours. I may have to resort to using it every other feeding for awhile. His high pallet is what is causing the soreness. We have seen the lactation consultant twice while we were in the hospital and she was a great help with reassuring me that his latch was good and it was just the shape of his mouth causing me pain.

His cord fell off after 9 days but it didn’t heal underneath so the pediatrician is treating that. She sealed it with silver nitrate a couple days ago but she said it will probably take a couple treatments because it was not healed at all at 11 days old.

He sleeps some night for 2-3 hours between feeds and other nights he has gone as long as 5 hours at which point I always wake him to nurse. He weighed 7lbs 12oz at 11 days old so he was still 2oz under his birth weight and for that reason, he is supposed to go back for a weight check in a week. I was surprised that he hadn’t gained it all back yet because he had gained back to 7lbs 10oz at 4 days old. He eats and poops constantly all day. Obviously he just isn’t getting all that he needs. I have felt that the milk is there since I have been pumping extra out in the mornings and evenings (which I have been freezing and… Tru loves to drink it from a bottle. Begs for it actually.) but the pediatrician thought that maybe the nipple shield was making it hard for him to get all the milk he needs. I think he isn’t getting the rich hind milk out as well with the shield which is another reason I stopped using it.

Aside from that, he is a happy baby. Loves to be held, but he’s usually happy to just lay in his bassinet while I take care of his brother. I have been making a point of laying him down awake at night to try to get him used to going to bed and self soothing like Tru has always done. I don’t let him cry at this point though. He refuses to take a pacifier which sucks (pun intended) but maybe we will get him started on that at some point. We have tried 4 different kinds. The problem seems to be that the nipple isn’t filling his mouth enough. It all comes back to that high pallet issue again. Oh well. I would love for him to have something that comforts him at night but on the plus side, we won’t have to wean him from it so that is good!

I am starting to feel more like myself although there is still some residual soreness and the stitches still itch a bit since they haven’t dissolved just yet. The itching was no joke last week! I had some numbing spray they gave me at the hospital but it only went so far to relieving the soreness and itch. But I do feel stronger now and I have been taking iron like the Dr said to rebuild my blood. Seems to be helping. I am getting more sleep than I did when Tru was a baby since Levi doesn’t wake as often as Tru did. But some nights like last night I don’t get as much sleep and I am dragging trying to take care of both kids. It’s for such a short time though. I feel like time is going too fast already!!

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Dear God, thank You for another good week. I pray that You will continue to heal Levi of his jaundice and that You will improve our breast feeding so that he will get all the milk that he needs. I pray that I won’t get any breast infections or anything that would hinder our breast feeding and I pray that Levi will do a good job nursing with or without the shield. I also ask that You will make my body provide lots of milk for Levi so that we never struggle with having too little milk. In Jesus’ name, amen.