I had a checkup and the anatomy ultrasound last week at 18+3. Baby was measuring 18+4, overall with his belly measuring a bit over 19 weeks. He weighed approximately 10oz and everything looked great with all of his organs, etc. He’s definitely still a boy! Cervix was 35mm and single pocket fluid was 4.5cm. So basically, everything was perfect. 🤗 Unfortunately we didn’t get a good profile pic as he wasn’t in a great position and the sonographer was a little rushed by the end. She was very thorough but the ultrasound took almost an hour and by the time we got to the end, she was ready to move us along to our next appointment. The dr ended up calling me the next day to say that they want me to do a follow-up ultrasound in 2 weeks because according to the due date they gave me (2-9-21 going off LMP) baby is measuring about 10 days behind. But if I go off the due date the RE gave me at my first ultrasound, he’s right on track. I’ve tried to let my ob know (and my RE even sent them a note) that my due date is 2-19-21 but they just aren’t hearing it. So, currently I am planning to do the follow-up ultrasound on the day of my next checkup, which is 4 weeks, not 2 weeks but I think it’ll be better for me to do it then. I’m an hour and a half from the hospital and I have to arrange childcare and be gone all day, so it’ll be easier for everyone for me to just wait a month. Although waiting to see the little guy again is tough! 😅

Symptoms: The problems I’ve been having with being lightheaded and out of breath are still very much present but I have days that are better and worse. I’m trying to drink more water and get a little extra salt in my diet.

Sleep: Even though I’ve been fighting a mild cold or something for a week now, I’m still sleeping pretty good most nights. I had one bad night last week where I traveled around the house trying to get comfortable all night but thankfully the rest of the week was good. I’ve been making an effort to go to bed earlier the last couple weeks. Since naps are an impossibility around here, I’m trying to make sure I get 7-9 hours a night, minus 4-6 bathroom trips. 😆

Weight: Finally weighed myself and freaked out a little. I’m up 22lbs already! 😱 I brought this up with my dr and she said we can plan to do the glucose test at 25 weeks instead of 28 weeks and see if that might be an issue. I’m just praying my weight will plateau for awhile and watching my carbs and sweets in the meantime.

Bump: I finally felt baby move for real for sure, no question at 18+6. Since then I’ve felt a couple more light taps but nothing too strong or crazy. As for the pokes I felt a few weeks ago, that was probably baby too but I think he has to be in just the right spot for me to feel him. I finally realized that the weird shocks I’m getting in my bladder that almost make me pee myself are indeed the baby bouncing on it. We didn’t really see much movement from the baby during the ultrasound, so I was still feeling really nervous afterwards but it’s good to know that even though I don’t feel much, everything looks good with him and it’s probably the big poofy anterior placenta that is keeping me from feeling much of anything.

I asked DH to snap a pic for me and this horrible grainy thing is apparently his best effort. 🤣

Dear God, thank You so much for good news from the anatomy scan and for these little pokes I’m feeling from the baby. Please continue to make this pregnancy progress smoothly and healthily right on through. In Jesus’ name, amen.