*Boohoo alert… This is gonna be a whiny one. 
Moms, please share with me your tips for keeping your family well during the winter. My kids take a daily multivitamin, extra vitamin c and elderberry syrup and yet we still catch every bug known to mankind. It’s ridiculous! We just got over a cold and now we have a stomach virus. 😩 

When we go out in public, (which isn’t more than twice a week during the cold and flu season) I wash their hands with sanitizer AND wipes as soon as we get back to the car. We are done going to storytime for the winter also, in an effort to stay well. You can see, that’s not working. When we go in stores, Levi sits in the front of the cart WITH A CART COVER, Zane stays in his carseat in the back of the cart, and Tru walks beside me. Seems like we’d be limiting our germ exposure, but no. 

I have a variety of essential oils that claim to fight germs and build immunity that I diffuse. Nothing keeps us from getting sick. WHAT AM I MISSING?! 

How do parents have kids in daycare and school that are sick less than my kids are? What is the secret? Every winter we have several colds and at least 2-3 stomach bugs. It’s too much! We spend so much time at home alone being sick and recovering. And as soon as we do venture back out of our house, no matter how careful I am, we get sick again. There has to be some way to stay well! 

Throw all your ideas at me, I’m desperate.