12-13-18 —- 4 Weeks 1 Day

I had a second beta and progesterone draw yesterday at 14dpo (4 weeks pregnant). I don't have the progest results yet but my beta came back at 106!! Thats an increase of 278% in 47 hours. Doubling time of 24.5 hours. 🙂 (ETA: My progesterone results came back at 30.4) My symptoms so far have been
•Cotton dry mouth since a day or so before the bfp and extra thirsy because of that.
•The dry mouth is starting to change over to metallic taste.
•The last 2 days I have been really tired despite the fact that I'm sleeping much better than usual at night. I always sleep well the first trimester.
•This morning my coffee was so gross that I didn't finish it. I thought something was wrong with it until I drank some water that tasted really weird and ate some deer jerky that was off.
•So cold!! Cold all the time. Can hardly get warm. Especially my feet.
•I keep having a lot of cramping in the evenings.

That's about it for symptoms. I decided not to take anymore tests to see the progression as it mostly just gives me anxiety. I am super hopeful about my beta tomorrow!! I hope it's going up well and that my progesterone is a better level.


Beta today is in at 276. DT of 34 hours. Progesterone results will take the weekend to come back. We have a first ultrasound scheduled for 12-31-18 at 6+5, Lord willing. 🙏 It feels so far away but also so soon! Hopefully everything will go smoothly the next couple weeks and getting ready for Christmas will be a welcome distraction. 😉 

The boys know about the baby. It was impossible to keep it a secret from them. They're too smart for that and Tru has the memory of an elephant. 😂 The day after we took the first test, I retested in the morning and Tru saw me look at the test. He's like "What does that say about the baby in your body?" And I was a little surprised so I said "I don't want to talk about it right now." And he goes "Well, if God puts a baby in your body, you should just talk about it." 😂🤗😊 So later when I went to the hospital for labs, he told Levi that this is the place where we saw an ultrasound of Zane. Apparently this is the baby hospital because he still remembers that I had "checked on the baby" with bloodwork when I was pregnant with Zane. So that evening, DH talked to them about it and we told them to keep it a secret for now. Levi got excited and blurted out to my sister S that "Mommy has a girl baby in her body!" But apparently she didn't hear him. She's knee deep in planning her upcoming nuptials, so thankfully she's in la-la land right now. I did tell my sister M and my cousin L because I just wanted someone to talk to and some support for the kids when I keep having to go to the hospital. But hopefully I won't need any further betas done and can just wait for the ultrasound now. 🙂 


Today Levi told DH "That's why God put a girl baby in Mommy's body. Cause we prayed and God put a baby in her body." I absolutely love this!! It makes me so happy. I've been reminding the boys that the baby might be a boy, but they are convinced God is giving us a girl. 😂 Honestly, I had hoped we could keep the baby a secret from them in the early weeks, but they are so stinking happy to know. 

We had a family party for DH's side of the family today and several people asked if we are planning to have another. I wanted to be honest but not share our news yet, so I just said "Yep! Definitely planning on it!" For years I've been close to DH's cousin M and she just pointblank asked "Are you pregnant?" because she could just see it on my face when she asked if we were ready to have another. Her and I both just burst out laughing as soon as she asked. 

To be honest, I really don't know why I haven't wanted to share immediately this time around. We usually do share within a few hours to a few days. But I just kind of felt maybe it would be less stressful having less people knowing and worrying. Previously, I needed their emotional support but I just feel really different this time. I'm not going to say it's an easy secret to keep, though!! And I'm really looking forward to sharing with everyone. I do think it's for the best right now to keep the pregnancy a secret. There is a whole lot going on in both DH's family and mine... weddings, people moving far away for their careers or new spouses... Good things mostly! But still, so much happening. I hope everyone will be understanding and not upset if we wait a bit to tell them. 


I am so hormotional!! I don't have a lot of symptoms going on right now.... Acne, queasiness mostly in the evenings, some mild crappiness.... But I am suddenly an emotional basket case and it isn't very pretty! 

When DH checked the mail, I got really stressed out because the mail carrier took my $20 check for stamps but didn't leave me a note or stamps or anything. For some reason, that really ticked me off, even though I know she probably just forgot. And she's super great, so she'll probably bring them tomorrow. 

And then I got stressed out about the dog, and getting a loan for the new property. But what really tipped me over the top was the fact that I really wanted meatloaf and I made it yesterday for supper. But it wasn't ready in time, so we ate a gross frozen pizza. And then I heated the meatloaf tonight and it was so bad!! I must have missed something I was supposed to put in it because it was bland as could be. And the potatoes were dry. And the carrots were still a little crunchy. And I cried. But mostly because I wasted calories on something so gross, 2 days in a row! 

Yes, I feel stupid now. First-world problems and all that.... 😖 I feel better now that I got the crying out of my system. Maybe I just needed to cry.