12-23-18 — 5 Weeks 4 Days 

At 5+2, the occasional queasiness in the evenings gave way to an occasional wave of nausea. As of now, I wake up in the night queasy. In the morning I’m queasy. And throughout the day I am queasy with waves of more intense nausea. 

Yesterday was super rough. We were supposed to go to my In-laws’ house at 4:30pm for Christmas. I woke up around 8-8:30am and noticed some aching pain in my right side, low in my abdomen. Throughout the day it would ossilate between dull aching and sharp pain that would radiate through my back and down my leg. It felt a lot like an ovarian cyst. Then I started having a lot of cramping across the lower front of my belly. This is super common in early pregnancy, for me at least. The cramping alone wasn’t concerning. But the worsening pain in my side was. So finally at almost 2pm, I decided to drive to the ER to get checked. I made DH stay home with the boys so he could take them to his parent’s house for Christmas. I absolutely did not want them to miss out on the fun with their grandparents and cousins etc. 

By 5pm, the ER had run bloodwork, urine tests and done an ultrasound. The bloodwork was good. No sign of appendicitis. They said the ultrasound showed a pregnancy in the uterus. I don’t know if they saw a baby but it’s still so early, they might not have. There was a gestational sac and yolk sac. I’m not sure how they measured but I can’t tell you how relieved I was to know that it was not ectopic. Obviously that was my primary concern as I’m at the point in pregnancy where an ectopic may start to show symptoms. 

The urine test showed a UTI. I should have known! In fact, 2 nights before I had woken up with pain and burning but it went away during the day so I figured it was fine. That doesn’t explain the pain in my side, although UTIs do cause me to cramp. So they sent me home with an antibiotic and I was able to get to my In-laws’ house just an hour late. 

Naturally, I told DH just to tell them the truth when they asked where I was. So they know my secret now and I’m fine with that. 😉 I’d still like to wait until we have a good ultrasound before I tell the rest of my family. 

Thankfully the pain has been gone so far today. It was there all yesterday evening but finally calmed down when I went to bed. For now I’m just taking it easy, drinking lots of water (still have super thirst!) and taking my medicine. Hopefully I am well all through Christmas with no more drama! 

I have been so chill this time compared to my other pregnancies and I just REALLY want to be able to keep feeling relaxed and happy about the whole process. I’m glad it was *just* a uti. Something I have lots of experience with and nothing to get too worried about. 

Dear God, You gave life to this tiny person inside me and You know what they need. Please continue to protect and sustain them according to Your will. In Jesus’ name, amen.