Yesterday I had my first appointment with my OB office. (Up until now I’ve been seeing my RE) The appointment went well. We started with a dating ultrasound (abdominal yay!!) that changed my due date again to the 26th of March. So we’ve had 28th, 29th, and now 26th. To keep it easy, I’m sticking to my ovulation due date for my updates. (28th) The baby looked happy and was kicking and moving around with a heartbeat of 183! It’s so cute!!! I could even see the toes! It has toes…. I’m in love. 


We talked about my likelihood of another c-section. Because of what my placenta “told them” last time, (calcified too much, infection) if we get to 37 weeks and baby is showing signs of wanting out, we deliver. They plan to do twice weekly NST’s again and once weekly ultrasound starting later on (I think I started at 32 weeks with Truett). If I get induced, my cervix has to be ready because they can only use Pitocin. No Cervadil for me because it increases the chance of my scar opening. So I would probably only get a natural birth if I go into labor on my own and most likely it would have to be a little early. Before 39 weeks for sure. I’m ok with all that. Of course we will try for a vaginal delivery but only if it is safe for baby and me. The good thing is, c-section is known territory for me now. I know (kind of) what to expect. 


So, I had no internal exams or ultrasound or anything internal for almost 2 weeks so when I woke up in the night spotting, I was frustrated to say the least. We have nothing to blame it on but the possibly that Lovenox and Asprin is making my already very vascular pregnant self bleed. I hate any bleeding in pregnancy. I hate it with a passion. It is scary even if you have a good, non scary reason. (Like such a reason exists!) The weird thing is that I had spotting at almost this exact point in pregnancy with Truett. I’m hoping that this is just my body’s “normal” and that it doesn’t mean anything bad. I called the nurse today to let them know and they reviewed my ultrasound from yesterday but they didn’t see anything in my uterus to indicate bleeding so that means that it is hopefully not uterine related. To play it safe, I’m taking it easy today. I did doppler the baby today and heard a cute little heartbeat. Thank You God!


I also took Truett to the Dr the other day because he got two bug bites (spider?) that weren’t healing and were in fact getting bigger. I forgot to take pictures. You can’t imagine how much of a stupid, first time mom I felt taking him to the Dr for bug bites! But, as it turns out the bites had apparently become infected with Impetigo and that is why they were enlarging, oozing and starting to bleed when days earlier they had been itty bitty. He is now wearing an ointment 3 times a day on the bites and already they look almost better. Not an idiot after all! Well… maybe sometimes.


And now, time for this.


How far along? 9 weeks 4 days 
How big is the baby? I actually didn’t get a measurement from the tech. I thought she would print it out on a picture. I thought I saw 2+cm on the screen at one point but I really have no idea. It looks nice and fat. 🙂
Total weight gain/loss? I think still -4. 
Maternity clothes? No need yet.
Sleep? I keep dreaming about spiders. Like a really enormous spider. It’s cause of Tru’s bug bites. Poor little guy. 
Best moment this week? Seeing our sweet little baby squirming around on the ultrasound. 🙂

  • I was SO tired last week but this week is better.
  • Last week I had days that I was SOOOO sick. The last 3 days I felt slightly better. Today was bad again but not as bad as last week. So, I think I’m probably starting to outgrow morning sickness anyways.
  • Spotting. 😦
  • Constipation, but not so much the inability to go as just not having the urge. I’m taking Colace now and Metamucil. 

Food cravings? NOTHING.
Food aversions? EVERYTHING.
Milestones? Having my first OB appointment.
Bump? I still need to post a picture!




Hi Mommy! I have toes! 🙂


Dear God, thank You so much for a good appointment yesterday and a good ultrasound. I am so amazed at seeing the life You have put inside me. I love this precious baby You have given me to carry. I pray that You will keep all spotting and bleeding away during this pregnancy. Please sustain the life of this baby according to Your will. I pray that You will help it to live and grow and be well and strong and healthy. In Jesus’ holy and precious name, amen.