Ever since getting off couch rest 2 weeks ago, I have been busily trying to unearth my house that got buried while I was not taking care of it. Now, ya’ll know me… Messy Marvin and whatnot, so when I say my house was dirty, my house was DIRTY! All my helpers (DH, Mom, my sisters) did the best that they could to keep it from getting too out of control, but there are some things that only I have the time for. Let’s face it, no one is pulling out that crevice tool and sucking bugs out of the window sills and dusting my headboard when they don’t have to. And nobody but me knew where that ever increasing pile of junk that was stashed in my closet went.


I have really enjoyed cleaning. Weird, I know. Not like “Oh, how fun these dishes are!” But I did haul out my bedroom and closet and bathroom last week and it felt AMAZING!! And I’ve kept it clean too. I still have a couple drawers and cabinet that need cleaned out but I did clean them recently so it’s not pressing.


Truett’s room is definitely on my list. I need to buy a dresser (anyone know of any cheap, small dressers online or anything?) for his room and get his clothes put into it. Until now, they have been in storage cubes on the changing table. His room is pretty small. But I moved the changing table out so he has room for a dresser now. I also need to go through all the diaper boxes of outgrown baby clothes that are sitting in the corner and get them organized into totes and labeled by size etc.


I want the kitchen cabinets cleaned out (I HAD to do this when I was pregnant with Tru) and the entertainment center is such a mess, I can’t stand to look at it.


I want the carpet shampooed like yesterday. I can SEE the dirty high traffic areas and it is disgusting. No one else can see it apparently. Yeah, they are either blind or lying. It’s been over a year since we shampooed and that’s just ridiculous. I want a shampooer for Christmas.


I started washing all of our clothes in the store brand of Dreft detergent (a baby laundry detergent) since I found it for less than $5 a bottle. Why? Because I want to smell baby smells, duh. DH was a little less than enthused about having his clothes washed in Dreft but ya know, I do the laundry so… yeah. Muhwahahahaha! No lie, my mom used to wash the WALLS with Dreft before she had her babies. I’m not that crazy but still… it smelled nice.


Nesting is weird. I love it.