I had my ultrasound today 4 days early due to pain and cramping. I’m pretty sure the doctor thought I was making that up at first just so I could get in early. (Like who wouldn’t want to see an early ultrasound of their baby?? ;)) But anyways… I am 6 weeks 2 days today and the ultrasound went fantastic. As soon as they put the ultrasound wand in I immediately saw a sack. Surprisingly, by my beta numbers, just one! And 1 beautiful little baby inside of it. I saw the heartbeat before the doctor even pointed it out flickering like crazy at 116bpm. And then he turned on the Doppler and there was the most beautiful sound in the world! I could have cried. I am so thankful. Dh was thrilled. He is so in love. We both are with our gorgeous little baby. The baby was measuring right on track at exactly 6 weeks 2 days. Almost a quarter of an inch long. Everybody was surprised that there was only 1, even the doctor was a little suprised I think. My betas were way more in the triplet range. But it just goes to show that you really can’t judge anything by a beta. I kind of had a gut instinct that there was only 1 because my morning sickness has been so piddly.
        About the pain… The doctor moved the wand over to take a look at my ovaries. The left looked somewhere around a lemon size, but the right looked like a giant grapefruit!! It looks even bigger than when I was stimulating. So the doctor determined that all the cramping and pain is more than likely due to those giant ovaries. Shewwww!! I was really scared,  let me tell you! So we’re not due back for our next ultrasound for 2 weeks. March 15. In the meantime I need to be scheduling an appointment with an OB. I didn’t have anyone picked out yet because I didn’t know if we would be needing high risk or regular so my doctor gave me some names.
        It still feels really surreal to me to actually be pregnant. It’s so weird to think that there is really a little person inside there even after seeing it on the ultrasound. Journey or Tru? Which one are you little baby of mine?
       Thank you God, for making my appointment go so well and for letting me see and hear my precious baby’s heartbeat. Thank you for this gift that is inside of me. Please continue to bless it and protect it according to your will. In Jesus’ holy and precious name, Amen.