I have been severely neglecting this blog because I don’t have a whole lot to post about right now. Last week was pretty good. I spent most of it laying on the couch being quite nauseated with morning sickness. Then Friday came and I felt much better. I also felt a lot better on Saturday. After feeling so sick all week, getting so much better so quickly made me nervous. Sunday came and I was feeling pretty sick again. Now here it is Monday and I’m back to being just a little bit blah. Oh the constant confusion! The good thing about being sick last week was that it took away from my time to worry! I worried soooo much less. But yay because 2 sleeps until my next ultrasound! Hopefully my little baby will be looking adorable and growing perfectly fine with a wonderful heart rate! Please God!!!
       My ovaries must be deflating because my tummy is definitely going down. I can almost fit back into my regular clothes for the first time since finding out I am pregnant.
       If everything looks good at my ultrasound I’m planning on buying a Doppler so I can listen at home. I probably won’t try using it though until closer to 9 or 10 weeks.
      See, I told you I have nothing interesting to report…. As far as symptoms go, as I said I have very come and go nausea. Mostly go so far. My tummy is flatter, I still have some cramping, and I can now feel the top of my uterus but probably only because it is extremely forward tilted. I worry but mostly on the days I don’t feel pregnant. I enjoyed last week because it was so easy to believe the baby is alive and well. Plus I got to eat a lot of popsicles because it was almost the only thing I could get down.
       DH has been working on the nursery getting the walls patched and ready to paint. He is immensely excited about the baby and seems to be having a lot of fun preparing. Honestly, I’m still too nervous to get as excited as he is. 😦 Screw infertility for stealing my chance of enjoying pregnancy! I am working on it though. And frequent ultrasound appointments do help tremendously. Thank you God for this baby I’m carrying. Please help it continue growing and being strong and healthy. We love it so very much. Please protect us according to Your will. In Jesus name, amen.