It’s so strange with this pregnancy having the placenta on the front. I can’t feel all the little flutters and I can’t really make out individual body parts. It’s kind of early for that anyways and I do have extra belly padding this time but I know with Tru, I was able to feel a lot more definition by now. I’m just so happy that I’m finally feeling regular movement and that it’s strong enough to feel from the outside now. 🙂 I really have no idea if he is head down or not but the stuff going on at that top feels like bigger body parts.


How far along? 20 weeks 4 days 

How big is the baby? I read that he is 10 inches head to toe. But they also say he is 10.5 oz this week and we already know that he measured 11 oz at his last ultrasound… 

Total weight gain/loss? I have consistently weighed 138.2 every morning for days now which puts my weight gain at just about +8 pounds. By the time I go to bed however, I have gained 4 more pounds which I’m assuming is all the water I am waking up to pee out all night since I wake up 4 pounds lighter. I am happy with an 8 pound gain though. 🙂 

Sleep? Plagued by very vivid nightmares. I tried taking half a Unisom last night before bed and I slept wayyyyyy better than I have lately so I think I may have to continue doing that. Otherwise I am fidgeting and tossing all night.

Best moment this week? Finally getting DH to feel the baby. The little guy was really showing off for his daddy flip-flopping around in there. 🙂 

Symptoms? Still the heart stuff going on. Yesterday it was awful and I was getting a little worried even though I know it’s normal. It just feels so different! I’ve noticed that it actually seems to calm down if I am really active. It’s not because I don’t feel it as much, it just literally calms down when I really get the blood pumping. I have no idea why… Restless legs are still here at times. Definitely feeling those round ligaments and just like with Tru, the left side is worse. I’m thinking we may have to get back to using the Webster Technique just to loosen it up a bit. But all in all, I really can’t complain. I’m not at the hugely awkward, heavy stage yet. I still have times where I feel totally normal until I look down and see a belly poking out. 😉 Just enjoying this second trimester, being able to eat, and feeling a lot like I normally do. 

Gender? I think we are all well established on the fact that he is a boy. A nameless boy. *sniff* But I think we are probably going to go with Bruce Shay because I love the name Shay and DH and I both agree on the name Bruce for a first name and when he kicks, I just feel like he’s a Bruce. I asked DH what name he got when the baby kicked him. “BRUCE!” I was like “I know!! Me too!” SO that’s probably his name. *Subject to change at any time* 😉 If I was going to be really pushy, I would push for Shay as the first name, but as long as it’s in there somewhere, I’m happy. 

Milestones? 20 weeks is considered halfway since pregnancy is measured as 40 weeks. Of course, babies can come a couple weeks sooner or later and be just fine so it’s a relative thing. But it’s still nice. 🙂 


20 Weeks 1 Day

20 Weeks 1 Day


Dear God, please continue to watch over this sweet little baby and protect him. Thank You for this gift of getting to carry this little boy and I pray that my body will do a good job taking care of him all throughout this pregnancy. In Jesus’ name, amen.


Link to 20 week pregnancy post with Truett.