Wow! I can’t believe tomorrow is 15 weeks! Such an exciting time. We are REALLY looking forward to our 20 week anatomy scan and possibly gender reveal. Our plan is to have them write the gender down in an envelope and then we can take it to my friend who is an awesome cake decorator and she could make us a cake with the baby’s name on it and cupcakes to take to our families. I haven’t run this idea by her yet but we might ask her if we feel we can wait the extra time it takes to make the cake. 😉
     Sometime around 22 weeks we are supposed to have a heart echo done on the baby Lord willing. The dr said she isn’t expecting any problems but appearently they like to check all ICSI babies. That way we know if the baby may have a heart issue that needs treatment at birth. Also, they are wanting to check by ultrasound for defects of the spine. The dr said the defects can often be treated by surgery in the womb. We declined all other testing though. There is not a snowball’s chance in a dryer in July that we would even remotely consider the unspeakable if something is wrong with our baby such as downs ect. I realize that some people do this testing so they can be prepared but too often the tests give false positives and I don’t see how that could help us at all. Then doing amnio or CVS to verify is too huge a risk. We love this baby and nothing can change that.
       I think I’m finally feeling the occasional very very light flutter. Sometimes I wonder if its really the baby but its unlike anything else I feel in there. I’m looking forward to feeling strong kicks and rolls. The baby’s feet are up by the placenta right now though so its cushioned. I still love to listen on my doppler but I’ve been cutting back on it because I think it can be aggravating to baby. Or maybe this is just an active child hence all the swimming around.
      I did things a bit backward of what the pregnancy books say. The bbs weren’t too sore in the 1st trimester but now? Its a whole different story. Morning sickness left around 11 or 12 weeks but made a mild reappearance around 13 weeks. I have still only gained 2 or 3 pounds despite my best efforts. I eat very healthy right now because anything less makes the tummy protest. Its hard to gain much on veggies. I’m drinking lots of milk now and eating lots of potatoes (they sound awesome for some reason). Salad is my favorite food right now as well as asparagus, chilli, celery and rice. As long as baby is growing, I’m happy. The bump has grown a bit according to DH. Actually, he said it was huge but that’s an exaggeration. I notice my underwear don’t fit as well and even my pjs are getting tight. It feels better to sleep with a pillow under the bump. But, visually…. its not a really shocking bump yet. Its just cute. I love it. Inside this bruised up, ridiculously hairy tummy, our baby is growing. That fact alone makes this not so pretty tummy –  beautiful.
      God, I’m so thankful for this baby and for the blessing of carrying it. Please protect us and keep us healthy, strong and safe throughout this pregnancy. In Jesus’ name, amen.