The last week of the first trimester depending on how you calculate it. It’s odd though. In the last several weeks I’ve learned that stats don’t matter. How far along you are doesn’t really matter. (Of course, getting to viability is sure to make anyone breath a little easier). All that matters is that God sustains the life of our baby. Its all up to Him. This becomes ever more appearent to me daily. I thought I would breath much easier at 8 weeks, 10 weeks, 12 weeks…. progress is wonderful, but I still have my fears. All I can do is pray and trust God.
      My OB appointment went well last week. (Aside from a nasty pap test). My Dr talked about God the whole time which was suprising but great! Its a group practice though so I don’t know how much I will see her. We saw the baby on a tiny handheld ultrasound. I guess they use that instead of a doppler. It was a nice treat. Baby was head down with its long, long legs in the air. Or water I should say. 😉 I’m weaning off my PIO now down to 1 shot every other day. Then I’ll stop Lord willing around 14 weeks. I’m continuing my lovenox for awhile although the Dr felt like I could stop whenever I wanted to. I told her I wanted to continue for awhile for my peace of mind. She was very understanding.
       I am so ready to start feeling movement! I know it might still be awhile but I’m really looking forward to it. I hear it moving sometimes on the doppler. I love hearing those movements!!!
      I’ve gained 2 pounds from my normal weight or 5 pounds from my IVF weight. The drugs made me lose weight with both IVFs. I’m glad I’ve gained a little. I was worried I might not gain because I’ve been the same weight for probably about 8 years. Never varied by more than a few pounds. Probably a silly worry…. its just good to know that I can put on a little fat for breastfeeding.
       Well, I have to go feed this baby lunch now. My heart goes out to women who don’t have enough to eat during pregnancy. Pregnancy hunger is a whole new kind of appetite and ignoring the hunger just makes me sick. God bless those women.
      God, please continue to bless me with the privilege and joy of carrying this sweet baby. Please guard it and put a hedge of protection around it. In Jesus name, amen.