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Three years ago when I started this blog, I was part-way through my second IVF cycle and desperate to make a connection with someone who could relate to what I was going though. I had plenty of family and friends who did their utmost to be there for me and who were/are so supportive and loving and really helped to give me strength through what had been a long 4.5 year battle with infertility. But as much as I loved and appreciated their support (and still am so thankful for their support and prayers and desire to understand) sometimes I just wanted to talk to someone who understood. Someone who I didn’t have to explain things to and didn’t have to try not to offend with my anger. And I had things I wanted to share with others too! Support I wanted to give; to be that listening ear. God, in His unwavering faithfulness carried me through and I wanted to share that with everyone. If it wasn’t for God, I wouldn’t have made it 4.5 years without a single friend who really knew or understood what I was feeling.

I had found forums where I could discuss things with “cycle buddies” and didn’t have to explain procedures to and I had seen that a few of them had blogs. I started reading a blog or two and thought, I’d like to try that. But I really didn’t dream I would ever have over a hundred followers reading my own blog! I just really needed a place to journal my feelings and progress and hopefully find a few friends who could relate. WOW, you all really came through!! The sense of community and support was overwhelming and it really helped to lift my spirit during a tough time. Then, once I was treading the new, frightening yet exciting waters of pregnancy after infertility, I found a whole new world of support I was not expecting I would even need, let alone, find. Pregnancy after infertility is different. At least it certainly has been for me and I know a lot of others who would vouch for that as well as parenting after infertility. I had a whole different set of fears and struggles that I wasn’t aware would come up and I found a whole community here waiting to share their support once again. I couldn’t thank you enough.

I know that word *support* keeps coming up… because that’s what it’s all about! Thank you for reading along and sharing your stories and for letting me share mine. 🙂

My sweet little Levi Shay is 40 weeks old now! How I missed so many weeks of blogging is beyond me. I was fully committed to weekly updates until 1 year but you know, it’s ok. I have been enjoying this “little” guy so much!! He is growing by leaps and bounds. More so in development than in actual physical size. In fact, he seems to have slowed down in his weight gain etc considerably. Which is not surprising given his rather picky eating habits. He is happy to eat teething wafers and puffs but he is only occasionally interested in eating purees. I try to feed him bits and pieces of regular food which he generally loves (especially ground venison, compliments of Daddy and Pap-pap) but it takes him so long to eat it and he drops so much that he doesn’t really take in a ton of food. He does nurse a lot though it seems. I probably nurse him about 8 times a day. He usually eats once in the night and seems positively famished!

Levi surprises me constantly in the way he plays with toys that are for older toddlers like Tru. He is only mildly interested in “baby” toys and always wants to play with Tru and be part of what he is doing. Which of course drives Tru crazy but I think it is good as it is giving them both the opportunity to learn early to both share and respect other peoples belongings. I so love watching them play together. Especially when they are making each other laugh and really interacting by babbling to each other and making eye contact. Tru really watches out for Levi and will tell him “No Vavie!!” when he sees Levi playing with things that he shouldn’t have. I am so thrilled for their brother bond and excited to watch them grow together.

Levi can no longer stand to sleep in our bed. This happened suddenly. He has always loved to sleep with us and slept so well in our bed although we didn’t want him sleeping in our bed. Now though, when he wakes to nurse in the night he just doesn’t sleep well next to me and usually lays there awake and flailing his arms around and shaking his head back and forth and really can’t seem to sleep well again until he is back in his bed. This is really a good thing but it didn’t really bother me to have him in bed with me after that nursing session because then I didn’t have to get him back into his room and it was for a short enough time that I could enjoy the snuggles. I’m glad that he is gaining this independence though. I remember Tru doing the same thing.

He is constantly cruising along the furniture now and can crawl amazingly fast! He LOVES baths. He still loves being held but definitely wants down to explore more now than ever before. I miss when he was little and would lay in my arms for hours perfectly content. But I also love seeing him crawl around and play and grow into a big boy. It’s so fun to see his personality developing! He is charming, a little shy, very goofy, and a huge copycat. I’ve learned lately that he is much smarter than I give him credit for. The other day I was shaking a can of puffs and it was making him crack up laughing. He was holding the can and I would shake it and take my hand away. He kept putting it back in my hand so I would do it again. I didn’t know he could do that sort of thing yet. It was so cute! He decided that he likes pacifiers now since he borrowed one from his cousin. He wouldn’t let it out of his mouth! He is old enough now that I wonder should I let him have one? He uses me as a paci alot and that is both bad and good. His teeth make imprints in my boob so maybe a paci would be good. But then it wouldn’t be long till he would have to give it up again. So maybe it’s better just not to start.

Dear God, thank You for all the new things Levi is doing! Thank You for the great privilege and pleasure of seeing him grow up and for getting to be a part of his learning and development. I pray that I will never fail him as a parent. I pray that I will never fail to teach him all the things he needs me to show him and especially that I will teach him about You and for him to grow to love and serve You all the days of his life. Please guard and protect him. In Jesus’ name, amen.

*Sorry for the lack of pictures. I got a new camera and I haven’t tried to connect it to my computer yet. Maybe soon. The new pictures look great on the camera! 

I am officially the most pregnant I have ever been. I crossed that bridge 2 days ago. I told DH that I now feel “overdue”. I can only imagine how much I will hate myself for saying that now if I actually do go overdue.


I have crossed the line from uncomfortable most of the time to miserable all of the time, which I have heard is actually a good thing because it means baby is close to coming. I hope that is the case! I am so unbelievably tired – more tired than first trimester even. And the belly is so very very heavy. I am lightheaded and actually started to pass out yesterday as I am having a hard time keeping my blood pressure high enough. I know that is a much less scary problem than having it too high though so I really can’t complain about that. It’s harder and harder to breathe. Ya know, normal end of pregnancy stuff that makes you just tired enough of being pregnant that you are ready to get that baby out! It’s a little extra motivation otherwise I think some of us would put it off until everything is ready, which could be never considering how slow I move. But I am certainly ready to be done and have this little guy in my arms. Especially after he gave me a little scare yesterday and had a prolonged drop in heart rate during my NST when I had a rather strong contraction. I was sent for a BPP (bio physical profile) on the baby and it came back good. So we were sent home but I was totally ready to be sent for a delivery… His fluid has stayed great at 17.5 last week and 15. something yesterday.


I have set up the co-sleeper, I just need to wash the mattress and sheet and that is all done. I need to put the car seat in the vehicle. I still have a few items that I need to add to our hospital bags but it’s not really a big deal if I don’t. I need to sanitize the pump and pacis. (I still haven’t tried pumping. After Levi’s heart rate dropped with my contraction yesterday, I am a bit afraid to purposely start anything that could be too strong for baby.) I need to set up the pack and play and I have a few minor cleaning projects that need done but are not really all that important. I feel like I have the nesting bug but no energy. Take it from me, don’t feel silly to get those things done early. You may not feel up to doing them at the last minute.


The baby sprinkle was perfect and so much fun! We just had a great day. I actually got quite a lot of baby gifts which wasn’t at all necessary but so very appreciated nonetheless. I counted up how many diapers we have for Levi now and what we got along with what I had already been stock piling, we have 773 diapers! That should get us through a week or two… 😉


I have an appointment tomorrow with my primary OB to talk about a “birth plan” which I am pretty sure is code for “scheduling a c-section” since my group practice does not allow birth plans. (They even have you sign a form at your first visit stating that you understand that birth plans are not allowed.) I am looking forward to getting that appointment done though because in the event that a c-section does happen, I have a lot of requests that I want to make and I need to do that now, not at the last minute.


How far along? 37 weeks 4 days

How big is the baby? Probably about 7.5lbs if the ultrasound is at all accurate.

Total weight gain/loss? About +33.

Sleep? Better than expected but have a hard time falling back to sleep.

Best moment this week? This week has been a bit rough. But the chiropractor helped my inner thigh pain SO MUCH this week. That was pretty great. 🙂

Symptoms? Pretty much what I wrote above. Also getting very nauseous. And some pretty bad hemorrhoids. Even that word is disgusting…

Food cravings? Nothing. I feel sick. I have been eating a lot less and nothing really sounds that great. Except chicken noodle soup…

Food aversions? Nothing in particular.

Gender? Baby boy Levi.

Labor signs? Probably not actually labor signs but what the heck… I have been cramping. It’s probably all that kale I ate. I am nauseous. Probably because there is a baby pushing on my stomach. Nothing exciting. I am supposed to have a cervical check again tomorrow. I don’t expect any progress as I am having no increased discharge etc.

What I miss? I am at the point where I miss my skinnier self because it’s so much easier to get around. I miss sleeping on my belly and back. I miss being able to move around quickly and I miss being able to breathe. It’s all worth it but I am starting to feel a little too cow-like.

What I’m looking forward to? Holding my Levi. 🙂 Hearing his first cry. Labor as long as it isn’t scary. Seeing Truett meet Levi. Being done traveling to the Dr 2-3 times a week.

Milestones? The most pregnant I have ever been. Over 9 months pregnant now. 🙂

Bump? It hurts and it’s stretched to what cannot possibly stretch any more. Oh wait, yes I guess it can. How in the world do bellies stretch for twin, triplet and even quad pregnancies? I look at how huge mine is and I just can’t imagine it getting bigger!


Same outfit that I wore with Tru at same gestation. 37+2.

Same outfit that I wore with Tru at same gestation. 37+2.

You can't see the front on. It's too scary and I think some people might find all the excessive bruising gross.

You can’t see the front on pic we took. It’s too scary and I think some people might find all the excessive bruising gross. Can you believe how big I am? It scares me and makes me laugh. 

The babies wanted in on the fun too. They threw the paper all over the floor. It was so cute. :)

The babies wanted in on the fun. They threw the paper all over the floor. It was so cute. 🙂

That is a HUGE box of diapers.

That is a HUGE box of diapers.

We were never looking at the same camera at the same time. It was totally my fault.

We were never looking at the same camera at the same time. It was totally my fault.

I have some serious imagine issues about my size from this angle...

I have some serious imagine issues about my size from this angle…

Tru ate a billion pickles and paraded around in his "awesome big brother" shirt that my SIL made him.

Tru ate a billion pickles and paraded around in his “awesome big brother” shirt that my SIL made him.

Some of the action.

Some of the action.

One of the guest tables.

One of the guest tables.

Up close of the duckies.

Up close of the duckies.

Our cake. It was as delicious as it looks. SOOO good and moist. It was sad to cut the ultrasound pics though.

Our cake. It was as delicious as it looks. SOOO good and moist. It was sad to cut the ultrasound pics though.

Our food table. I actually FORGOT to bring the vegi tray... Wow.

Our food table. I actually FORGOT to bring the vegi tray… Wow.

A blurry picture of the present table.

A blurry picture of the present table.


Dear God, thank You for all of the blessings You have provided for us during this pregnancy. For the sweet baby sprinkle that we got to have to celebrate our babies. For bringing us to this point of pregnancy. I pray that You will continue to bless us all throughout the labor and birth of this sweet little one. Please continue to watch over, bless, guard and protect him. In Jesus’ name, amen.


Oh boy… I had quite a day yesterday. I had my 36 week check up and the Dr checked for dilation. After groping my tonsils for a few seconds, she said “Yeah, no dilation.” And I am pretty sure my face just went all weird because she started immediately trying to make me feel better. “You could go into labor today or it could be a few weeks!” Oh please. I could go into labor today – That’s a real laugh! I was so surprised that I had no dilation. Contractions have been waking me up at night several times a night for at least a week now. I have so much stabbing pain down there that I feel like I am getting a hundred pap smears a day – from the inside out…. It was very disappointing. And yet, realistically I know that even if I had been dilated it still wouldn’t mean diddly squat since women walk around all the time dilated for weeks. But it still would have been nice. Especially since the Drs have my due date as March 26th even though I believe it is March 28th so they have a cut off that is closer than mine for when they want to talk c section and granted it is only 2 days difference but right now 2 days could mean all the difference. The Dr I saw yesterday said that their practice does not strip membranes. She didn’t say why but I thought that was interesting. The good news is that my exam showed I have started to efface (the ultrasound tech last week measured my cervix just for the heck of it and it was around 2cm long – I don’t know how that translates in terms of effacement but it’s interesting to note anyways) and the cervix is very soft but still pretty high although anterior so that’s good. I am trying to remind myself that things can change quickly and dilation isn’t everything but at this point it is pretty super important if we are going to vbac so… get on it cervix!


I started drinking raspberry leaf tea since it is said to help tone the uterus and shorten labor. After I drank it last night I went to bed and had only maybe 3 contractions and have had hardly any today compared to normal. (The tea does not stimulate contractions, it only tones the uterus.) The upside to not having contractions all night was that I didn’t wake up in pain over and over for no reason. 🙂 I also have been rethinking breast pumping starting at 37 weeks. I know my Dr said it is fine after 37 weeks but I have read that it can cause dangerously strong contractions. However, from what I read on Dr Google, this is more likely to happen if you are pumping for HOURS. (Can you imagine? Who would pump for hours?) My Dr didn’t set a time frame but I am pretty sure the unspoken understanding was that this was meant to be a 15 minute thing once or twice a day. So maybe if I do end up going ahead with it, I will wait until right before I go for an NST so that if anything wonky does happen, I will be there at the hospital.


No need to read. My silly thoughts at end of pregnancy.

I think people are starting to think that I am just being impatient about this last month of pregnancy.  As excited as I am to meet little Levi, I can wait 3 more weeks if that’s what he needs. But my main motivation to get labor going in the next 1-2 weeks is I am worried that I will end up with another c section even if it is unneeded. I have no problem getting sectioned again if it’s what Levi and I need, but I just feel like we should be able to do this! And I feel like I’m losing my confidence in that. Also, I have literally nowhere else to inject my Heparin that isn’t a bruise already and it is getting very painful. My belly looks and feels like it has been kicked by a steel toed boot. My hips are also bruised and I have a particularly awful bruise on my leg. I am also allergic to something in the Heparin and I have itchy spots everywhere I inject. My injection sites have also been bleeding for sometimes over 8 hours after I take my shot. It is not pretty. I miss Lovenox. Lovenox hurts more during the injection itself for me but the after effects are very minimal. Also, driving over 3 hours round trip twice a week to get monitored for 20 minutes and sent home even when  Levi doesn’t quite pass (he has had several times that he just didn’t accelerate enough but the Dr still sent us home with no extra monitoring leaving me wondering why I even went) is wearing me out. As far as physically being in pain and tired, that I can handle. I will miss being pregnant as far as the kicks and that sweet time where baby is always with me wherever I go… I really will miss that part. I am so conflicted!

Ok, you can read again. 

How far along? 36 weeks 4 days

How big is the baby? Probably close to 7 pounds if he was really 6lbs 8oz last week as the ultrasound estimated. The Dr said she isn’t concerned about the difference between his head and belly percentiles at this point because A) he is almost ready to be born and B) she thinks he has done well following his growth curve and C) his head is engaged so it really may be bigger than it measured.

Total weight gain/loss? I’ve had bad water retention issues again this week. I went up 9 pounds in less that 48 hours and lost most of it quickly but I have had a hard time with that now and then when I walk a lot. A trip to the mall sent me over the edge this time. But yesterday at my appointment I had gained just 2 pounds in 2 weeks so I guess I am probably up 31-ish pounds. Maybe more.

Sleep? As I mentioned before, contractions waking me up have been a bit of an issue until last night. But honestly, I feel like I am sleeping really well for this point of pregnancy.

Best moment this week? I had a really nice tech do my growth ultrasound. She kept trying to get a shot of Levi’s face which we haven’t been able to see for almost a month now as he has been mostly facing my back. But she really took her time and I about fell off the table when she said “I wish he would turn so I could do some 3D.” Then a minute later she asked if I would mind if she did 3D. I haven’t had any done this pregnancy so of course I was really excited that she wanted to try. We saw his little face and it is so cute and squishy! Unfortunately, Tru started screaming right then because he had sat through my NST and the growth ultrasound and waited in the waiting room and he was just done. So the tech said she would quit playing around and let us go. Talk about disappointing! Just when it was getting good! 😉 But she did print me one 3D picture in which Levi looks super grumpy. It’s precious. 🙂

Symptoms? I saw my Chiropractor this week and he said my pelvis was out pretty bad on the right (which I knew already from the pain). He got it back to normal and said to come see him every week until Levi is born so we can hopefully keep the pelvis aligned for an easier birth. He also offered to try inducing my labor with acupuncture after 38 weeks. I probably will take him up on that. The OB said it couldn’t hurt but she doubted it would work. But hey, if it can’t hurt, why not? So my inner thigh pain is slightly better. Since baby has dropped, a lot of my symptoms have lessened. I actually feel pretty good. Heavy and slow but good.

Food cravings? Still on my greens and salads and I really want candy/sweets.

Food aversions? As if! 😉

Gender? Baby boy, Levi. 🙂

Labor signs? Apparently not although my body has switched to clean out mode if you know what I mean. Gross.

What I’m looking forward to? Baby sprinkle if we are able to have it, weather permitting.

Milestones? Less than a week until I am the most pregnant I have ever been.

Bump? We had some maternity pictures done last weekend. I haven’t seen them yet but I am excited to see how they turned out.




I feel like I look really weird. I’m not sure what is going on with my face. It’s just that end of pregnancy look I guess.


Dear God, I ask Your blessings and protection over the last bit of this pregnancy and birth. Thank You for how far You have brought us to this point. Thank You for this sweet baby and for his sweet kicks and movements and for this last bit of time that I get to have with him just me and him. In Jesus’ name, amen.






Every single time, without fail, that I sit down to blog, I have to get up and down multiple times to do things. I have to plug in the laptop, the wi-fi needs plugged in, Tru needs something… It’s ridiculous. I am just ready to sit down and stay down until this baby gets here.

I don’t want to come off as whiny or complaining. I do realize how blessed I am and that this discomfort is something that I personally longed to experience and I also realize there are still people reading my blog who would give anything to be experiencing this end of pregnancy discomfort right now. So please don’t take it wrong or think me ungrateful when I say that I am SO uncomfortable. I cannot find a way to sit, lay or stand that does not cause one or all of the following – inability to breathe, my legs fall asleep (this is actually when I am standing especially bending forward so it’s kind of scary), I have the urge to pee so badly I am crossing my legs, my pelvis feels like it’s splitting in half and I have a hard time walking, getting up and rolling over because of that combined with the pain in my inner thigh that has been going on over 2 months now. It’s pretty intense!

I probably shouldn’t even blog today because I am in a bad mood. It snowed again this morning and I wasn’t able to go to my once a week job. As much as I was dreading getting Truett and myself out in the cold, I do need the money and considering that our pipes have been frozen for 4 days now, I would love to be somewhere with running water where I don’t have to keep running back and forth with milk jugs full of water to flush the toilet. It gets old quickly. I am also tired of washing dishes with water heated on the stove. Sponge baths also suck so I have been making a point to get a shower at either of our parent’s houses at least every other day between sponge baths.  And then I feel terrible that I am complaining because, we do have water! It’s not easy to get since we have to go beg, borrow and steal it from our parent’s (actually they don’t mind) and we have to haul it in the house etc, but we are fortunate because so many people in the world have NO water. Literally, none. And that is heartbreaking.

I did have a check up yesterday and it went very well. I saw one of my not favorite Drs but we actually had quite a good visit! It was just the basic stuff. She put in the order to switch me from Macrodantin (Nitrofurantoin) to Keflex, and from Lovenox to Heparin (starting next week) and ordered Levi’s growth ultrasound for next week and my GBS (group b strep) test. Now, here is another example of how different Drs have different ways of doing things and opinions vary greatly even in a group practice. At my check up 2 weeks ago, I asked the Dr I saw then if we were going to switch to Keflex since I knew I did with Tru at 32 weeks. She said no, she didn’t want me to switch. She was happy with me staying on Macrodantin through to delivery (and I assume breastfeeding too because I am always on a suppression dose of something). I was uncomfortable with that decision and decided to ask the Dr I saw yesterday because:

FDA pregnancy category: B Nitrofurantoin should be used during pregnancy only if clearly needed; use of nitrofurantoin is contraindicated at term (38 to 42 weeks gestation), during labor and delivery, and when onset of labor is imminent. Comments: Contraindicated because of possibility of hemolytic anemia due to immature erythrocyte enzyme systems (glutathione instability) …..Nitrofurantoin is excreted into human milk. Nitrofurantoin is considered compatible with breast-feeding by the American Academy of Pediatrics, although there is a theoretical risk of hemolytic anemia in neonates and G-6-PD-deficient infants. The manufacturer recommends that due to the potential for serious adverse effects in infants less than one month old, a decision should be made to discontinue nursing or discontinue the drug, taking into account the importance of the drug to the mother. – Taken from

So as you can see, the risk is minimal but I don’t want to take that particular risk. Better safe than sorry, you know. 

Sorry to have just bored you with all of that. You really didn’t need to know, I just wonder why opinions vary so much and why it’s so hard to get consistent information.

How far along? 34 weeks 4 days – in other words 8 and a half months! 🙂 

How big is the baby? As I mentioned, growth ultrasound next week Lord willing. But I feel like he is already as big as Tru was when he was born. There’s a lot of baby in there! 

Total weight gain/loss? About 29-30 pounds.  

Sleep? I can’t really get comfortable. Levi doesn’t like me to sleep on my left side. Oftentimes he will push out on both sides very hard until I roll to my right. The aching in the pelvis and the pain in my thighs when I roll over is pretty intense at times. 

Best moment this week? DH took the day off work and we took my brother clothes shopping after we all went to my NST and AFI appointment. (The U/S tech said my AFI was 18.1 – last week it was 11.2 and the week before, it was 12. I know that she measured the area that both previous techs said baby’s umbilical cord is. The same thing happened several times with Tru. They do this every day! How do they mess up and measure the cord area? I didn’t say anything. We will just wait and see what it is next time. It’s no big deal because baby looked great on the NST. She also showed us his butt cheeks and let me just tell you, they are adorable!!) 🙂 We went out to eat at a buffet – not the best place for a person who gets full after 1 plate of food, but it was delicious! 

Symptoms? You can read all my perfectly normal end of pregnancy complaints above. I might also add that I had consistent  BH contractions the other evening/night when DH was unable to get home from work and had to stay with his cousin. I didn’t freak out about it, but I sure was thinking, this would happen to me. The Dr said she is happy that I had so many contractions because she hopes that means my body is starting to get things ready so we can have this baby naturally. She said if we get to 39 weeks and no cervical changes, we will have the c-section talk, but if I have started to dilate and they can break my water and start pitocin, they will. But we both are hoping that I will go into labor naturally before then. We also talked about me breast pumping once I hit 37 weeks. Nothing extreme. Maybe once a day. Not before 37 weeks though. 

Food cravings? Sweets and it is not a good thing. I have been eating protein bars instead whenever I can because I’m sure that’s what my body really needs. Not reese’s cups. I also want Taco Bell. We could just eat Taco Bell soft tacos from now until forever. That is fine with me. 🙂 

Gender? Baby Boy. 🙂 

What I’m looking forward to? Kind of looking forward to labor if it happens naturally. I get a little rush when I think about how I would feel if I ever went into labor. I’ve never experienced that before so it would definitely be interesting. Ask me again how I feel about that after a few hours of REAL contractions. 😉 

Milestones? Every step I take feels like a mile dragging a hundred pounds of stones. 

Bump? I don’t think I took a picture. Maybe I did, I don’t know. But I’m NOT getting up to go look. You’re welcome actually. 

Dear God, forgive me for my bad attitude and complaining about the weather and the cold. I thank You for our warm house and for all of our blessings. Thank You for the little boys You have blessed me with. In Jesus’ name, amen.

I always have all these silly things I think of that I want to put in my updates but then when I go to post, I can’t remember what they were….


How far along? 33 weeks 4 days 

How big is the baby? If he’s really gaining a half pound a week, he should be close to 5 and a half pounds now. Feels about like it! 😉 I was on my feet all day last Friday and the next morning, the bottom of my belly was sore! As a side note, his fluid was 11.2 at my last AFI. Still good and his placenta was still grade 1. 🙂 

Total weight gain/loss? Still yo-yoing but I started to drop some of the water associated weight. I am up anywhere from 27-29 pounds. I really have to make sure I am drinking enough water. 

Sleep? Not bad. Just having a hard time staying comfortable and breathing through this stuffy nose. 

Best moment this week? This hasn’t been an overly good week for me… I am in the phase of pregnancy where I start to get super worried. But I did have a good visit with my grandma today. I don’t hardly ever go see her just us without all the family which is a rotten shame. So Tru and I went to see her after I got done taking care of the lady that I watch once a week. It was fun talking pregnancy with her especially hearing her story about having her identical twin girls without ever knowing she was expecting twins. She gained the same 40 pounds as she did with her other 7 pregnancies. She carried them to full term. Both over 7 pounds. Apparently they shared an amniotic sack and probably placenta too. That would be a high risk pregnancy for sure nowadays but her dr never knew she was having twins. They had trouble finding a heartbeat on the baby which is kind of funny considering there were TWO in there. She also had a negative pregnancy test when she was probably about 2 months pregnant!  So as she was delivering, they said it was time to get the other baby out. She was so confused for a second there. Imagine that shock! 

Symptoms? The pelvic girdle pain and inner thigh pain are no joke! It is hard to roll over or raise my right leg. Which is dandy since my car door will not open and I have to climb through the passenger side and over the stick shift and e-brake. It is interesting to say the least getting in and out of the car. But honestly, aside from that pain and breathlessness, this week has been pretty symptom free! 

Food cravings? I want greens really bad. Especially if they are fried in bacon grease (yeah, that really drops the health factor) but I think I could eat my weight in kale. Maybe my body is craving iron?

Food aversions? Nope. But I noticed that I am really not as interested in seafood as I normally am. 

Gender? Baby boy Levi. 🙂

Labor signs? No, but I have to admit that as nervous as I am getting, I am starting to feel like he needs to come sooner than 40 weeks. Not right now, but maybe 37-38 weeks if he is ready. I feel bad to say that because I want him to have as much time as he needs, but we are at the stage where I just freak out over everything and he keeps cutting his kick counts way to close for my comfort (he passed with ONE minute to spare the other day)  and he doesn’t move in the night when I get up to pee like he used to and he just moves much less in general. Yesterday at my NST, the nurse moved him 3 times to get his heart to accelerate. I was very uncomfortable with that because I want his heart to accelerate on it’s own. He did eventually but technically it was when the NST was supposed to be over but the nurse was busy with another patient so she hadn’t unhooked us yet. So all in all I was not happy with how that appointment went…. I am definitely feeling paranoid now. 

Belly button in or out? Out, sore and hot to the touch. 

What I miss? The second trimester when I was much more comfortable and less worried. 

What I’m looking forward to? A healthy, happy, birth. 🙂  

Upcoming Appointments? My next 3 check ups are scheduled with the only 3 Drs in the practice that I truly do not like/feel comfortable with. It’s not that I don’t like them personally, we just don’t jive. I guess it could be a good thing though because any one of them could be the Dr delivering Levi so I really need to build up a little better relationship if possible. They are the only Drs available on the days that I am already in for my NSTs so I just have to go with it. I got a call today that my primary Dr is wanting to get together and discuss a birth plan on march 12th. I would be almost 38 weeks then if I don’t have him before that. I’m pretty sure my plan by that point would be get him out please! Like I said, nervous!

Bump? I don’t know if Levi actually has dropped or if my belly is just sagging. All I know is that his feet and butt don’t feel like they are as high in my ribs as before and my belly button is almost pointing downwards now. I don’t feel much pressure down there now though so…. Not sure what’s going on.


I remember in the beginning of my pregnancy when I put this shirt on and it was HUGE on me.... ;)

I remember in the beginning of my pregnancy when I put this shirt on and it was HUGE on me…. 😉


Dear God, Thank You for bringing me and Levi safely this far in this pregnancy and I pray that You will continue to watch over us through the rest of pregnancy and delivery. I pray that he will be born when where and how You want him to be. I thank You and I praise You for the miracle and blessing of carrying him these 8 months. In Jesus’ name, amen.



We are just 2 days away from the start of twice weekly NST’s Lord willing. I am looking forward to getting that reassurance since baby boy decided to make me worry a little bit yesterday by being ever so lazy and then waiting ages this morning to move. Thankfully, he passed his kick counts but I am not too good at dealing with that stress. I have to say though, I am LOVING having him in the head down position as opposed to folded in half. It is so much better for kick counts to have more moveable limbs. With Tru, he could pretty much only move his arms there at the end. His feet were up in his face and he just didn’t do much with them.


I have started to have some swelling in my feet. Not terribly, but it is becoming clear that I can’t push myself like I am used to doing. When I do, I get very out of breath and my feet start to grow very quickly. Just for full disclosure though, I think I should mention the swelling of the lady parts. Nobody talks about this!! Why doesn’t anyone warn you. “By the way, your whooha is going to swell, ya know, literally shut. You won’t recognize your down stairs. Not that you can see your down stairs. But if you could, you wouldn’t recognize it.” Not that it would change my mind about wanting to be pregnant or anything but I do think women should warn each other about this so they don’t hit total freak out mode when they start swelling down there.


How far along? 31 weeks 4 days

How big is the baby? We should know a guesstimate in 2 days! My guess is a little over 4 pounds. 🙂 

Total weight gain/loss? Ok, this has been really weird this week. I gained about 8 pounds in 36 hours. That was truly freaky but I think it must have been that I was retaining water really bad. I did think that I was peeing a lot less. Plus the foot swelling which didn’t look that bad but must have been. I lost 5 pounds over night. I think I am up about 3 pounds from last week though according to what I weighed this morning. So roughly +25 so far I guess. 

Sleep? Has been going better. I put some blankets under our mattress and it seems to be helping me sleep better.

Best moment this week? Yesterday, I was watching the elderly lady that I am taking care of once a week right now. Tru NEVER takes naps on me. He is only able to sleep in his own bed and occasionally in the car. He has always been really weird about that. But anyways, he fell asleep on my lap and Levi kept kicking him. It was precious and I absolutely loved it. I also love how Tru hugs my belly. He has no idea at all about there being a baby in there. We tell him all the time but he can’t grasp that concept yet. But he truly just loves my big belly and likes to hug it and lay his head on it and pat it. Sometimes he pulls up my shirt just to look at it and ask “What’s this?”. It’s pretty funny and sweet.  

Symptoms? My queasiness has mostly subsided aside from a little bit here and there. I am eating small portions most of the time because I will pay afterwards if I don’t. My inner thigh muscles have been pulled for weeks now and I can’t figure out why. They feel a little better now so that is good. I get awful stabbing pains in my cervix area all the time. Especially when I am standing. They take my breath away they hurt so bad. It’s like a pap smear from the inside but worse. Having boatloads of pressure. Mostly in my butt, go figure. I had to sit down the other evening because it was so bad. I told DH that it felt like Levi was going to come out of my butt. He asked: “That can’t happen can it?” LOL! I love DH so much! I actually have felt really well this week all things considered. I still have enough energy to get through the day and I am only terribly uncomfortable now and then.  

Food cravings? Cold cereal. I can’t seem to get enough of it this week. I am using 1% milk to try to cut back on the calories but really, I could eat it 3 times a day – oh wait… I did that actually once this week. 😉

Food aversions? HA! 

Gender? Baby boy Levi. 

Belly button in or out? It’s been out for months and I had taken this question off but lately, it feels very warm or even hot to the touch. I remember it did that with Tru too. Must be because it is stretched too thin? I have this paranoia that it might bust open while pushing. I mean, it pops out really far! And it’ so thin! 

What I’m looking forward to? Growth scan and meeting this boy here pretty soon. 🙂 I am also getting really antsy to wash his clothes. I am having a hard time keeping myself from doing that yet. I need to wait a few more weeks. 

Bump? I haven’t taken my weekly picture yet so I will leave you with this…:) 

Sweetly oblivious that his head was being kicked repeatedly. ;)

Sweetly oblivious that his head was being kicked repeatedly. 😉


Dear God, thank You for all of Your blessings throughout this pregnancy. I ask that You will continue to bless and watch over us all during the remainder of this pregnancy. I pray that all of our appointments will go well and that Levi will be strong and healthy and safe inside me. In Jesus’ name, amen.

I had my long awaited prenatal massage today and it did not disappoint! Now I just hope my insurance comes through and covers it for real so I can have another one. Otherwise, that’s the end of massages for me. *sniff* I am just not that high of a roller right now. But I must say, I just loved it! I could definitely go on a weekly – who am I kidding – daily basis. I was so relaxed, I thought I quit breathing a few times lol. I was so relaxed, I had to crack my eyes open now and then to make sure I wasn’t asleep. I was so relaxed that after I left, I could barely stay awake to drive…. It was wonderful. I mean, she even massaged my EARS!  I still have pain in my inner thighs like I’ve had for the last few weeks but all the stretching that she did on my back, neck and shoulders was great. 🙂

I had to stop and buy some drinking water on my way home because we can’t drink our cistern water. I didn’t want to go to Wal-mart so I stopped at the dollar store. I was dismayed to see that they don’t carry the brand of water that I like so I had to buy the brand that we used to get years ago… I can’t stand the taste of it anymore! In fact, the only water I like is the brand that we buy now. We only drink water, I never buy pop unless it’s a freeze or something while I am out or a party or something. I do drink juice occasionally but not often. Once every great while I will make iced tea but day in and day out, all we drink is water. So I have my favorite. Water is not all the same to me. Some is really nasty! I can drink water at other people’s houses but usually I have to add ice to really be able to enjoy it. Ice helps the taste… Anyways, as I am standing in the isle thinking of how to ask DH to drink this “inferior” water (he doesn’t mind it) and save me the “good” water until the next time I make it to Wal-mart, it occurs to me that – Oh no! I am Monk. Monk only drinks Sierra Springs water throughout seasons 1–5 and a fictional brand (Summit Creek) throughout seasons 6–8, to the point that in the season 2 episode “Mr. Monk Goes to Mexico”, Monk goes without drinking for several days because he cannot find any Sierra Springs.  – copied from wikipedia for those of you who have no idea who Monk is. 

Wrote this on time and never posted it… 

How far along? 30 weeks 4 days…. It’s hard to believe that I am in the 30’s now! Less than 7 weeks away from when I delivered Tru. This little guy could very well come later than that but it’s crazy to think how close we are either way.

How big is the baby? We should find out soon since I have a growth scan scheduled for next week. 🙂 I’m just now starting to be able to feel a little of his outline. Mostly I just feel a foot or elbow but last night I was pretty sure I felt his butt. 

Total weight gain/loss? Holding steady this week at +22. 🙂 

Maternity clothes? Here I am, in the last weeks of pregnancy and I finally found a pair of maternity jeans yesterday that fit AND feel comfortable! So now maybe I can wear those last 2 or 3 maternity shirts that still fully cover my belly and give those 3 same dresses that I wear every time I leave the house a break. 

Sleep? Not so good. I have been having a lot of discomfort keeping me up. I sleep GREAT on my back…. but that isn’t good at all. 

Best moment this week? Hmmm… Not sure. Maybe just realizing that we are so close to the end. In a way, I’m not ready for it to be over. I love being pregnant. And I’ll miss it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard and uncomfortable and very nerve wracking for a worrier like me. But I do love having my little baby in there all to myself. I especially love the kicks! But I am uncomfortable enough at this point that the idea of meeting him on the outside soon is sounding better and better. I am so excited to see who he looks like. I also found out that I passed my glucose test at 110! 🙂 Yay! No yucky 3 hr test this time! 

Symptoms? I don’t want anyone to think I’m complaining, because I’m not. Just keeping a record. I am starting to get morning sickness again. It is coming back as an all day queasiness. I’m not too thrilled about that. I can stand it being this bad but if it gets like it was in the beginning…. I just don’t know how I would cope. I was so miserable then. I look back on it and just cringe. But for now, I am fine. I also have been having a lot of pain with the SPD/pelvic girdle pain thing. I saw the chiropractor but he can’t do too much now since the baby is head down in the pelvis. It isn’t advised to go cracking the pelvis too much at this point. But he did suggest a pregnancy belt. I’m just too cheap to buy one. They’re $35!! I have a feeling it may be worth it though. I also booked a prenatal massage for this week. 🙂 I’m excited to try that out. I am definitely getting a lot more poking pains in my errr, whoo ha. Other than that, I have felt great. Heavy and fat but great! 🙂 

Food cravings? I am still game for eating anything but it’s definitely slowing down with the nausea. I can only eat a little bit before I am full and having acid reflux. We went to dinner last night and I ordered a half portion and ate about half of that. It’s a good thing though because maybe it will naturally keep me from gaining too much here at the end. 

Food aversions? Nope. Not really. 

Gender? Sweet little Levi. 🙂 

What I’m looking forward to? Growth scan. I am scheduled to start twice weekly NSTs (non stress test), and weekly AFIs (amniotic fluid index) next week. That makes everything feel really imminent.

Milestones? 30 weeks! That’s 3/4 of the way done! 

Bump? It’s so much different and lower than with Tru. A lot more squishy.

30 weeks 4 days

30 weeks 4 days

An awful picture but it shows the belly shape better...

An awful picture but it shows the belly shape better…


Big ‘ol boring birth “plan” musings below. 

I had a check up yesterday and I asked if we do get to have a VBAC, can daddy catch baby. They said no. 😦 But, I bet it depends on what dr you ask. I am not suggesting that he deliver the baby, just that once it is flying out of there, if all is going well at that point, he could just lift him up to me. They said that he can cut the cord (Which he didn’t get to do with Tru since Tru wasn’t crying at first and they cut the cord in the process of getting him to the isolett thing obviously. That is understandable in that situation of course.) but I’m thinking that’s like going to Red Lobster and having someone say “Now you can’t order an entree but you can eat the biscuits.” We will see what happens. My ultimate goal is healthy and alive baby no matter how they get him out of there. IF I was allowed to have a birth plan (not allowed where I go but that doesn’t mean I won’t make requests as I am either pushing out the baby or being sawed in half) my birth plan would be:

  • No epidural if I go naturally. I don’t want it. Unless I’m being sawed in half – in that case YES PLEASE! I hated the way the spinal made me feel and shake and I am not keen to try an epidural. If my Dr really wants me to have a line placed (and they do pending the whole time-since-lovenox-shot/blood-test thing) for the possibility of a c section being immediately necessary, I would agree to that. But leave it off please! I’m pretty sure….
  • I want to be allowed to labor in any position I want. I want to be allowed to stand and walk and get on my knees, bounce on the ball etc. I absolutely HATE the idea of laboring while lying down. I don’t think it would be good for me or baby. I really would hate that I think.
  • Showers or tub sounds great. That’s my go-to during nightmarish endometriosis periods and it always helps then.
  • I’ll take an IV or whatever. I really don’t mind that. I was group b positive last time anyways.
  • I am happy to have monitoring. I would obviously greatly prefer that it is wireless or whatever they call it that way I can move around.
  • Not a fan of episiotomy. Just let it rip. At least then it will only rip as much as it needs to I hope.
  • I DO NOT want to be lying on my back pushing. No, a hundred times, no! I can’t even fathom how that works. Gravity is our friend – not usually, but this time.
  • Delayed cord clamping as long as baby is ok.
  • Daddy cuts cord.
  • Daddy catches baby.
  • If I have a c section, I would really be fine with a lower curtain so I can see the baby when they pull him out. I know they are keeping things sterile and all that and I really appreciate it but if it’s possible, I would like a view.
  • Immediate skin to skin. Even if I have a c section, I would be happy to do this. They wouldn’t work with me on it last time when I asked them prior to delivery. I read blogs where women do get to do that and I think it should be standard unless there is a problem with mom or baby.

It’s important to remember that this is my hypothetical birth plan if I had a birth that went “normal”. Either VBAC or cesarean, in the end, healthy and alive. That’s what matters. But this stuff is nice too. 🙂


Dear God, I ask that You will continue to watch over Levi and guard and protect him throughout the rest of this pregnancy and birth. I pray that he will be delivered at the right time in the right way that keeps him healthy and safe and brings glory to You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

How far along? 29 weeks 4 days

How big is the baby? Probably over 3 pounds by now and approaching full term length. 🙂

Total weight gain/loss? I was so proud of myself. I didn’t gain any weight this week. And then this morning my body was like “Hey girl! My bad… I forgot to give you some poundage! Here, let me make up for it. Here’s 2 pounds.” So, up 22 pounds.

Maternity clothes? I need some desperately. I have outgrown some and some are seasonal and I can’t make my regular shirts fit like I did with Tru. They just won’t this time.

Sleep? Sleep is good. It’s the pains and the peeing that wake me up. I pee more often than once an hour all night. No lie. I really do. It’s crazy.

Best moment this week? No particular moment. The changes in the kicks and punches have been pretty sweet. I am FINALLY able to feel more distinct appendages. I have a huge blank zone in the front of my tummy where I feel no movement of any kind ever. Anterior placentas are weird. I recommend you grow a nice fundal or posterior one. But almost anything is better than previa so I am happy! 🙂 Also, Tru has been letting me hold him more. It makes me happy since I really love when we get to snuggle. 🙂

Symptoms? My pelvis is splitting in half. No really, it is. Out of breathe all the time. Pressure, cramps, the usual. All signs that we are nearing the home stretch! It’s not a symptom but my shots are getting harder to do as I run out of pinchable, vein free skin on my tummy. We may have to resort to thighs, butt cheeks and love handles soon but I save those for as long as possible. My thighs have only a couple good spots, I shudder to think of DH giving me Lovenox injections (PIO is fine but Lovenox, not so sure) and the love handles are hard to reach.

Food cravings? Sweets and it is so strange! I have been really good this week about not giving in. As in, I haven’t went to the store. So I have been forced to be good.

Food aversions? At this point, I could almost wish so. I want all the food, all the time.

Gender? Baby boy Levi.

What I miss? Up until the last couple weeks I was still doing this modified laying on my belly position. It doesn’t work any more. I kind of miss it. I keep waking up on my back. That makes me feel guilty.

What I’m looking forward to? Meeting the little man. I am also anxious to start washing his clothes but I am holding out a few more weeks. I need a dresser for him and Tru to share still. I also want to get my hospital bag packed for real but it has come to my attention that I need to buy some serious yoga pants. I fit no pants any more. I wear my one pair of maternity leggings (that I have discovered have a hole) under my 2 dresses that fit when I go out. I am so redundant. I also have no idea how any of this relates to “What I’m looking forward to”

Milestones? I think I passed my glucose test. The nurse called but she didn’t say what specific test on the VM she left me. I could call and ask but I think she was talking about the GT. 🙂

Bump? HUGE!!! It has seriously popped out there! DH and I were laughing about it’s gigantic size last night. We aren’t sure how it can get bigger. I mean, I suppose it did with Tru but I don’t know. I don’t think I was much bigger than this. I try to remind myself that Tru had a lot less fluid but yeah, I’m pretty sure this isn’t fluid. I think mommy has just been stretched out before so stretching is easier this time. And mommy is gaining weight differently. Which reminds me, the ladies seem to have shrunk. Which is good I guess because I still haven’t bought a larger bra.

27 weeks 6 days

27 weeks 6 days – I missed taking a 28 week picture and I never posted this one. 

29 weeks 4 days

29 weeks 4 days – look at that bellah!! What happened? 


Dear God, I pray that as we near the end of this pregnancy that You will prepare the perfect birth experience that You want for me and this baby. I pray that we will have a safe and easy labor and birth and that he will be in the right position for him to be healthy and safe. I pray that however he comes into this outside world that he will be safe and healthy and happy. Please continue to watch over and protect him inside me. In Jesus’ name, amen.




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