I’m writing this in December in the early days of pregnancy, with the hopes that by the time it posts, I’ll have posted a happy announcement.

UPDATE: This pregnancy ended in miscarriage at 9 weeks, but I’m still publishing this for my memories.

Ok, so my experiment started at 9dpo when I decided to test with the only 25miu Wondfo I had. And this test had been around for awhile, it had even left my possession and done some traveling and come back to me months later when the person I gave it to ended up not needing it. So it was a well traveled test and therefore the grayish shadow that appeared couldn’t be trusted. ­čść

But thankfully I had several leftover internet cheapie tests laying around, and thus began my test comparison experiment.

I had one Easy@Home 25miu which I think was expiring this month. I pulled it out of the wrapper and it had some defect on the edge of it, so I decided it wouldn’t be trustworthy but I dipped it anyway, just cause. (smu, for those wondering) I also had 2 EZ Level 25miu tests (which I’m pretty sure are made by Pregmate, but I could be wrong) and a few One Step 10miu tests which I’ve had forever and usually don’t use them because they’re ridiculously narrow and I can hardly read the results. But they were still in date, as were the EZ Level tests. I also had a brand new pack of Wondfo 10miu that I had just received the day before.

So I dipped them all and waited, expecting nothing. This is what I got:

So, as you may or may not be able to see, I needed to test with something “trusted” in order to confirm. This is when I had to think up an excuse to go get some more tests without tipping Matt off just yet. Under the guise of finishing Christmas shopping, which was necessary anyway, I grabbed a box of Clearblue Early (25 miu?) and a box of Clearblue Digital (website says 25miu in the USA),  *just in case*, and the First Signal $.88 tests which have never failed me. It was late afternoon/evening by the time I took these. These are the results…

The digital said “Not Pregnant”, so I wasn’t sure what was up at that point. But I still had the Fist Signal, so I tried it later in the evening. *It’s important to note that I’d been basically dehydrated all afternoon, so the Clearblue was with probably the most concentrated pee.*

Of the internet cheapie, Easy@Home was the winner. I wished I had more than one, for progression. But I did continue the next day (10dpo) with Wondfo 10miu and One Step 10miu and my last EZ Level 25miu.

On 10dpo I also used the second digital test.

On 11dpo I used the last Clearblue Early, just to see if it had progressed yet and, wow, yeah there was a nice dark line! I also used a Wondfo 10miu and OneStep 10miu.