Summer heat is here and we are completely consumed by the building project. DH and his Dad and 2 of my brothers have spent several weekends and evenings working on it in the heat and humidity. It’s coming along well, the structure is up, roof is almost finished. After the wall siding is on, we can move to the slower indoor work and I can stop spending my days running tea and ice water out to the guys while simultaneously cooking large meals and deserts to keep our “crew” nourished while ALSO keeping all of the kids safe and out of the way AND running out to the “Gicken barn” (as we call it) during naps to take care of the animals. I’m getting run ragged and it’s manifested in some weird, long term sinus infection thing. But, it’s only for a season. Soon DH and I will be back to our usual team work, Lord willing. That’s the only way we can all thrive in this season. 😅

Plus, I need things to slow down so I can get my goats ready for the upcoming kiddings! Susie is due in less than a month now. I also have 2 chicks currently hatching in the incubator because we had a hen decide to sit on eggs for awhile but she rolled some of the eggs away from her. I found them and they were cold at that point but I decided to put them in the incubator, just in case. 2 of them kept growing. Of the 18 total eggs she was sitting on, these are the only 2 still going. But now I’ll have to raise them because she’s no longer broody. Ah well, at least they’re cute.

Destin is 19 weeks old now. I don’t remember what my last update was but he’s definitely growing up more since then. I’m not sure what he weighs now but he’s had a growth spurt and is in 3-6 month clothes now. Still in size 2 diapers but probably going to move to size 3 after we use up this last case. He’s also rolling both ways now! Still sleeping from around 10pm to 8 or 9am. Naps are sporadic and short since I don’t have a way to lay him down in a quite, undisturbed location. Hopefully soon! He’s too easily startled now to sleep for long periods in my arms. But he’s such a loving little teensy person. He watches his brothers with great interest. He also looks for me when he hears my voice and tries to move his body towards me so I’ll pick him up. 😁 He seems to know his nickname, “teensy”, and looks at us when we say that. Also new the last week or so is he takes toys that we hand him and puts them immediately into his mouth. He’s always slobbering and chewing his fingers. I think teeth are a ways off still but he’s definitely getting ready.

Tru had a 6 day long unexplained fever last week. I ended up calling the pediatrician after 3 days and she wanted me to bring him in. We were almost there when Quayd threw up all over the place, so I had to take him back home to clean him up and just assumed that was what Tru probably was dealing with as well. But as it turned out, Quayd wasn’t sick with a virus, just carsick apparently. He ate everything in sight when we got home and was perfectly normal, so I decided to try again to take Tru to the dr. By then it was the weekend and we had to go to urgent care. They saw nothing wrong with him aside from a little bit of fluid in his right ear but not a true ear infection. Strep and flu tests were negative. So, hopefully it’s not the fever syndrome starting up again but he did have pain in his left eye and right ankle off and on which is a little reminiscent of the joint pain he used to get. Time will tell but we hope and pray it was just a one off experience. 🙏

The other kiddos are doing well and having a wonderful summer. Levi has been trying his best to help on the addition project. He’s so cute out there with the guys. Lately it’s not been safe for him to go out there but hopefully he will have some little jobs to do again soon.

Also, Tru and Levi got 2 calico kittens a few weeks ago. They’re loving them and Zane plays with them a lot too. Considering they came from rather skittish strays, they’re really affectionate. They aren’t litter mates but are close in age. We will have to schedule spays soon!

This may be only a drop in the bucket for an update but it’s already getting long, so off I go to tackle the next project. Until later, ❤️