I decided recently that I wanted to create a little bit of one on one time (not counting Destin, because Destin goes where the boob goes for now) with each of my children so I can build a strong relationship with each one of them where we talk regularly and they have a chance to share whatever is on their mind, uninterrupted. I had the idea of doing a lunch date, so I asked the boys how they would feel about going to lunch with me and spending a couple hours together. They were pretty darn enthusiastic about the idea, although Levi couldn’t remember what it was called and started calling it our “lunch mom”. So we went with that because seriously, how cute. 😆

So far I have been taking 1 kid per week and its been going great! They look forward to it and so do I. I take them to whatever restaurant they choose and we just hang out. Cell phone is in my purse, I just focus my undivided attention on whatever is important to them.

Each kid is different. Tru barely talks and I pretty much have to carry the whole conversation and think of things to talk about, but he said he’s trying to think of things to say. 😂 Even so, just hanging out is fun. Last week I took him to the Mexican restaurant and afterwards we went to Walmart so he could buy the much longed for Minecraft Legos he’s been saving up for. We talked about cats (his current favorite animal) and other very important things. 💙

I took Levi to the Amish market and we bought huge sandwiches, a donut and a drink and attempted a picnic. It was too windy, so we ate in the van but it was still fun. Levi does NOT run out of things to talk about and I think I counted 13 questions just driving down 1 road on the way home. 😂 It was a fun adventure even though he got carsick and spent the last bit dry-heaving into a bag. Next time we won’t go on such a hilly drive. 😅

Zane benefits greatly from a little one on one time with Mommy. DH and I have noticed that after our lunch mom, Zane comes home happy and behaves well all day. Our latest adventure actually combined a trip to the dentist for Zane, but he thought it was all great fun. Afterwards, I took him to the store and he picked out a new spinbrush and we grabbed a quick breakfast from McDonald’s because we had to get back home so my sister could get on with her day. But it was still a sweet time. We talked about all the things important to Zane and he felt loved and cared for. 💙

I took Quayd to the store with me and we bought groceries and grabbed some lunch at Arby’s. He talked to me in his baby gibberish and I answered him with enthusiasm. We pointed at things on the shelves and I let him hold the items he was most excited about. We also took a trip to the hardware store with DH and went out to eat at Applebee’s on the way home. Quayd just soaked up all the undivided attention from both of us. He “helped” me pick out a sink, toilet, lights and a cabinet for the new bathroom while I carried him around the store. 😊

I’ve always been a little sour that there are so many events and opportunities geared toward mother/daughter like tea parties and breakfasts and craft parties but finding mother/son events is hard! The same with mommy and me clothes (I buy DH and I both the men’s shirts and get the boys the kid shirts. There’s no reason mommy can’t be a “ninja legend” too!! And the boys think it’s super special when we match. Of course, they might think it’s a whole lot less special when they get older but they’re just little guys right now, so mommy is still pretty cool. 🤣) So I’m just going to improvise and find ways to make special memories with my sons. We have plans to visit the splash pad and the really big park with the huge slide on some of our upcoming lunch moms. 💙 And I can’t wait!