It would appear that caring for any sort of creature – whether it be children or pets or livestock – is basically periods of calm, enjoyable existence punctuated by moments of varying levels of stress and anxiety. I don’t like the stress and anxiety at all but I really love the calm times.

Currently our goats are spending the month with a buck at a stud farm who is hopefully laying his moves on them for some late July/early August babies. I am so excited to have baby goats again! I’m also super excited for our goats to be milking again. They really have the creamiest milk and I love knowing everything that went into making that nutritious milk for my (human) kiddos. I’m really looking forward to growing our herd and building a strong, healthy line of goats. The buck we picked to breed them to is gorgeous and comes from a strong dairy line. If we get any does from him, I definitely intend to keep at least 1 or 2. This will hopefully be Lucy (our baby goat from last year’s kidding) first time to have babies and we are really looking forward to seeing them and also finding out what kind of milker she will be. Her mom isn’t a big producer but on her dad’s side are good milking genes. I sure hope she will do well!


Our chickens are back to laying eggs after their winter break. We could have put lights in the coop and kept them laying throughout the winter but needless to say, this winter was not a great time for projects like that while getting ready for Destin to arrive. Maybe we will get the coop set up more before next winter. (DH is dreaming of an automatic door opener so he can be sure they are locked up safe at sundown) It’s warm and cozy and that’s all that matters for now.

But anyway, yes, they are laying eggs again and DH couldn’t be more thrilled. Like I seriously woke up the other morning to see him standing by the bed with 4 eggs in his hands, smiling and remarking on the unique color of each egg. So far we are getting 3-6 eggs a day from our 10(ish – I forget actually😂) hens. We also have 3 roosters. We originally had 5 roosters, which is way too many for the number of hens we have. Decisions had to be made about who would go and we actually only need one rooster (we don’t need any roosters really but I want more chicks soon) but so far we have removed 2 that were dangerous. Zane was outside with me and one of our previously docile roosters decided to flog him, out of nowhere and for no reason. Thankfully I was only a couple feet away and despite wearing Destin in the wrap at the time, I was able to grab Zane and throw him behind me. The rooster learned quickly that he was no match for my ninja skills and went back to his eating, but as soon as I could, I caught him and his identical brother (because I couldn’t actually tell them apart). Thankfully Zane was only pecked once and was ok. Unfortunately, of our remaining roosters, one is full size. The bantams don’t go anywhere near the kids because they’re not tame at all, but the big guy is Levi’s favorite and he can’t bear me to get rid of him. He may disappear one day though…. I can’t take risks with roosters.

DH is a great little farmer. He took over all animal care for the last month of my pregnancy as it was snowy and icy and he wasn’t having it with me going back and forth between the house and barn multiple times a day. He was very diligent with keeping the water thawed and everyone healthy. He even spent Christmas evening saving chickens from the cold after they inexplicably got stuck outside the coop. He spent some considerable time crawling through their pen in the dark and getting them back inside and warmed up. He frequently is heard singing “We are farmers… Dum dum dum dum…”🤦 😂

Unrelated but DH and our neighbor rescued an owl yesterday. I was outside and heard our big rooster making weird sounds and the hens ran away. I saw what I thought was a hawk in our neighbors field. Levi tried to scare it off but it flopped around. He said he thought it was an owl because it turned it’s head around. I went to investigate it closer and sure enough, it was an owl and was dragging a chain from its foot. Apparently it had stepped in a small game trap. DH decided to call our neighbor and see if they could help the owl. They were able to catch it and remove the trap and because there was no sign of injury, they set the owl free. He was tired and rested awhile but later on he flew away. 🙂

Amazing camouflage skills

So, what is next around here? I need a couple barn cats to control the mouse population. You wouldn’t believe how many mice I’ve had jump out from behind hay and feed buckets in the last year. Tru and Levi are anxiously awaiting this addition. 🐱🐈Stay tuned!