Chugging along! I’m so thankful and relieved that I got a lot of stuff checked off my list this week. We set up a diaper changing area on our dresser and got rid of the changing table, which really freed up some space. I bought a nice comfy night shirt to wear at the hospital and some new bras. Got my pump and pacifiers sterilized and ready to go. Plus I froze quite a few meals. Several more to go but I feel pretty good about where we’re at now. Things are falling into place!

At my checkup today I was 2cm dilated but cervix still pretty firm. The dr I saw is new to the practice and she was really great. We chatted for quite awhile and I felt really comfortable with her. I only have 2 appointments left! Then I also need to go in for the pre-induction covid test 4 days beforehand. The dr suggested stopping by to have my membranes stripped that day possibly, in the hopes that it would jump start labor and I could skip the induction. Of course, it depends on whether my body makes more progress before then if it would be worthwhile.

Baby has been much less active the last 2 days. He looked good on the bpp today but I wish he would be a little more active. Fluid is still absent in one quadrant, making me nervous. But his stomach and bladder were both full today, so he’s definitely drinking in there. 😂 Also, he appears to be basically constantly practice breathing now, despite being asleep. At my last 3 or 4 ultrasounds he was practice breathing the whole time. Making his lungs nice and strong! He’s really deep in my pelvis now and the pressure is intense. I’m not having too many Braxton Hicks but when I do, they’re very crampy down low. I have them more at night and whenever I’m in the car. I’ve also had some “lightning crotch” this week. I had avoided that so far but looks like it’s here to stay now. 😆

I definitely have a lot of pelvic pain now but it’s all on the front right side and nowhere near as bad as it’s been in other pregnancies. I’m not sure what the difference is this time but I’m thankful. I’d like to go to the chiropractor at least once before the birth to make sure everything is straight and good. I also want to get my hair highlighted and toenails painted but hey, that’s really not going to impede my ability to give birth if I don’t get around to it. 🤣

Funny looking pic this week but where my hand is, that is Destin’s butt. I feel like he really dropped this week!

Sleep is still decent, thank the Lord. I get up a lot of times but I feel like I get into a pretty deep sleep in between mostly. Lots of weird dreams though. 😂 My main issue is falling asleep. Sometimes I don’t fall asleep until really far into the night, so that sucks. I’m taking advantage of sleeping in a little bit in the boys’ bedroom in the morning when I go in there to lay down so Zane will sleep a bit later. Otherwise he is up at crack:30 and a grouch all day. For some reason he will sleep longer if I’m in there.

Not pregnancy related but we finally got to have Christmas with DH’s family last weekend. It was really nice. It was kind of fun to have this late Christmas to look forward to. I also took Zane for his 3 year checkup this week. He’s 30.8lbs (30th percentile) now and 3’3″ (75th) tall, which is just adorable to me. ❤️ Overall he’s looking fine and healthy. He really enjoyed the one on one time with me and was absolutely perfect all day. His mood was great and it made me realize that we need more of these one on one times together. All the kids do! Too bad stupid covid had to ruin everything or I could have been alternating taking each kid with me to my weekly appointments and getting lunch together afterwards like back in the olden days when I could do stuff like that. 😭 Oh how I miss the world of 2019! Anyway, that was not supposed to get all negative but hey, just being real. I’m tired of it all.

Also, DH went for his follow-up bloodwork and CT scan last week. Blood was perfect but CT showed an enlarged spot of some sort in his abdomen. The oncologist said it might have always been there and just not noticed before, as in DH may have been born with it. The dr said he will look into it and if we don’t hear from him, all is well. 🙏 I’m gonna make DH call in a few days to find out for sure though so I can rest easy about it. This was the first time he’s ever had to drink the solution before the scan in addition to getting the iv, which may be why the spot wasn’t noticeable before. Prayers appreciated!! As usual, he is calm and chill but I find it a little harder to be quite as relaxed. He’s definitely the optimist in our relationship. ❤️

Dear God, please help everything to be healthy with DH and for him to stay cancer free. Please also keep the baby growing strong and healthy and for us to have a safe and easy birth. Thank You for all the things we’ve been able to accomplish this week and for the good progress we are making. In Jesus’ name