*Searching for my notepad so I can make a list of all the things I need to do before baby comes.*

I keep feeling like I have all kinds of time left but we actually have less than 30 days until induction! When the kids and I first started counting down, it was over 40 days and now we are in the 20s??? How did that happen?! I have frozen zero meals (working on that today), haven’t sterilized the breast pump or storage bottles, haven’t organized all the baby stuff, haven’t located and washed the baby bed, haven’t taken maternity pics, haven’t bought new car seats (have to get slim fit seats so we can get everyone in the van) or finished packing the hospital bag and gotten the camera ready and charged etc. But hey, DH and I did spend 3 hours one evening getting our bedroom rearranged and getting rid of tons of stuff that was in the way that we no longer need. So, that’s something. 🙄 😌

At any rate, my weekly appointments feel like they’re 2 days apart at this point (and I only have 3 more to go!) as life is flying right by at warp speed and not waiting around for me to haul my pregnant booty at the speed of a fossilized snail. I may have to call in reinforcements. My poor mom though… She’s already watching the kids once a week for my appointments, so I don’t want to ask her for additional support. Pretty sure spending 6ish hours with 4 small people who eat pretty much constantly is wearing her out enough. I need her to be charged up and ready for the possibility of being here several days when I go to have the baby.

My appointment yesterday is what woke me up a little. I had my GBS swab and the dr decided to check dilation too. She said I’m 1cm but cervix is still thick. Which definitely doesn’t mean baby is coming imminently, seeing as I typically spend a solid 3 weeks with some level of dilation but it still kind of jarred my brain into realizing “Oh! My body is actually planning to do this thing. Like, this baby really is going to come out soon and I don’t have time to play around with procrastination. Yikes!”

Thankfully he passed his BPP with an 8/8. He’s measuring smaller than my other kids, 5lbs 3oz in the 30th percentile, but really, I still won’t be surprised if he’s 9lbs. The dr thinks he will be well under 8lbs though. Who knows! His legs are measuring a week behind (not 5 weeks behind like the last ultrasound said) but overall he looks great. I was a bit concerned that his fluid has dropped some. He had no fluid in one quadrant, which is exactly what happened with Tru. I’m going to have to up my game and actually do kick counts. I’ll admit, I haven’t done them this time, not even once. I do pay attention to the times when he’s usually active every day and take note of that but I haven’t specifically been doing counts. He’s typically very hyper at 7:30am and 11pm with almost no movement throughout the night. During the day it’s more random and depends on when I’m sitting down. He either loves or hates rocking because he’s usually very active if I sit in the rocker. 😂 He really hates when I lay on my right side and pushes his feet out very aggressively. He was having hiccups a lot, but not at all that I’ve noticed the last few days. He does practice breathing a lot and DH was able to feel him doing that the other night.

Other things to note:

  • No new stretch marks so far with this pregnancy. I’m keeping lathered up with my homemade belly butter.
  • The dark line down my belly appeared suddenly a couple weeks ago. Like literally over night. So weird.
  • Definitely having some mild queasiness that is annoying.
  • Weight is up 42lbs. My most ever.
  • Zane totally gets it now that there is for sure a baby in my belly. He stared at a diagram of a pregnant belly for like 5 mins just puzzled. We watched some animated educational birth videos and he’s now convinced that “Destin is going to pop you belly open and come out!” Also, he can’t wait to play with him.
  • Braxton Hicks continue and are very uncomfortable. Often accompanied by cramping.

**Optional Reading**

At my appointment last week I had a new dr that I’d never met. She’s young and new to the practice. I really wanted to like her but we definitely didn’t click at all. She explained everything in minute detail, as if this wasn’t my 5th pregnancy (like about my blood thinner shots and everything) and it was clear she didn’t read my chart because she didn’t know I’d been induced in the past or that I was scheduled again or even that I was planning to vbac. I could forgive all this. Drs are busy and see dozens of patients every day. I get it. But when she got to the “rules” regarding masks etc during labor and birth, she was very forceful and adamant that I will keep my mask on and that I won’t notice it and it would be “incidental”, whatever that means. No matter that the drs will have all received their second vaccine by then, that I’ll hopefully have a negative test on file and that they will be wearing masks, goggles and face shields….. Look, I’m all for people being safe but to force someone to birth with a mask on in addition to all the other precautions (vaccines, neg test, PPE) is overkill. So after my appointment, I called patient relations. Not to get permission to take the mask off but to find out if I would be denied care if I do. She couldn’t say for sure but was very sympathetic and understanding of my concerns. She sent me to the practice manager who said she also couldn’t guarantee I wouldn’t be denied care and that she doesn’t know how the masks are enforced but that I’d just have to comply with it “like all the other moms.” (Actually there was a lot more to the conversation but that’s the footnotes) Unfortunately, I broke down crying like a big baby. I felt really upset because this isn’t in my control and that doesn’t make sense when it comes to medical care and especially birth. I asked my friends who birthed at other hospitals in the last few months and none of them were required to wear a mask, so I don’t understand why my hospital is being so rigid about it. Anyway, the dr I saw yesterday is the one I’m scheduled to induce with (I love her) and she said not to worry, she won’t make me wear a mask as she will have had both shots etc. I asked what will happen if I get a different dr, like if I go into labor sooner and she said just tell them I can’t wear it and that’s that. She said “This baby should pretty much just fall out! I don’t think you’ll be pushing any longer than 5 minutes.” So basically she feels that me not wearing a mask isn’t even going to be much exposure for anyone, period. I feel relieved for now but really hoping I don’t get that new dr because in labor, I don’t have the energy to fight and I really don’t like giving birth with a dr who isn’t willing to even hear my concerns or be understanding.

**The end**

Sneak peek of our maternity shoot

5 babies folks!! Can you believe it?!

Dear God, thank You for an easy and comfortable week. Thank You for a healthy happy baby. Please bring us safely to the conclusion of this pregnancy and beyond. In Jesus’ name, amen.