Um, oops! I seem to have missed posting for a couple weeks and definitely haven’t taken any pictures. 😒 I don’t really know how I got derailed, I guess I just forgot. Anyway, chugging right along. Tomorrow is my glucose test, growth ultrasound and check up. I feel like baby has definitely grown a lot longer in the last month. His kicks are so much stronger and up higher and I can feel his feet with my hand when he presses them against my belly. I feel lots of little pokes down low, so hopefully thats hands/elbows.

Unfortunately, I’ve grown a lot too. πŸ˜₯ Ugh! I am so upset that after doing really well with gaining a healthy amount last month, I put on like 8-9lbs in 4 weeks. 😭 I think I’m up about 32lbs now, which is not at all normal for me at this point and doesn’t feel good or healthy on my body. I don’t understand why though! I have been cutting out a lot of unnecessary carbs and sugar and eating more protein and fiber. I feel like my diet is really good lately. We actually went on vacation last week and even then I was watchful of what I ate and opted to make my meals vs eating out except for 3 times. I don’t know guys, I feel discouraged. Not just because I’m gaining so much myself but I also worry about growing a massive baby. My mom had 2 babies over 10lbs, my maternal grandma had a baby over 12lbs (yes, TWELVE!) and I’m just not really down for pushing out anyone over 8.5lbs. πŸ˜‚ It’s crazy that my first baby was 2 whole pounds less, exactly, than my 4th baby. I’m just getting really concerned. Hopefully he’s not gaining as massively as I am but I really want to get this situation under control for my sake too because I started out this pregnancy weighing LESS than when I got pregnant with Quayd and currently I’ve gained almost as much as I did for my whole pregnancy with Quayd and I still have 3 months to go till I’m due, so, yikes!! I’m not gonna fit any of my maternity clothes soon if this keeps up. 😭

All that drama aside though, I do feel really good still. I have some trouble sleeping as I struggle with restless legs and trying to get comfortable but I’m extremely thankful that my pelvis isn’t in too much pain yet, thank God. The problems with being out of breath and having racing heartbeat are intermittent at this point and I’ve had some good days lately. I felt really good on our trip except for one hike that I couldn’t continue on due to not being able to get my breath. The elevation was really high and there were signs posted about the altitude causing problems and to turn back if you have trouble breathing, so I decided to forgo the mountain top views in favor of not passing out. πŸ˜‚ The boys stayed with me (they were struggling too) and we sent DH on ahead to get some pictures for us.

Ok, that’s all the time I have for now so I’ll just keep this short.

Dear God, thank You for keeping us safe on our trip and for another good week down. Please continue to watch over and bless us, In Jesus’ name, amen.