How am I already almost 6 months along? This pregnancy has absolutely been flying by! Last week I had an appointment and follow up ultrasound. The high risk ob came in to talk with me after the ultrasound because baby’s legs are measuring small (even according to my dates going off when I think I ovulated, which are about 10 days behind the lmp due date they gave me) and apparently this can mean any number of things…. None of which is likely, according to her, and also, she looked back on my last pregnancy and Quayd’s legs were measuring in the 12th percentile when I was pregnant with him. That is something I was never aware of and obviously all was well with him. The Dr said she would recommend to my regular ob that I should have monthly growth scans, starting now. (I think my regular ob starts them for me at 32 weeks, but I can’t remember for sure) She didn’t recommend further testing, such as amnio or anything. Just that I do the nst’s as always etc.

Approximately 1lb 4oz of perfect cuteness 💙 He was also head down and moving constantly!

So after that conversation, I went over to my regular ob for my checkup and we discussed changing my due date to match my 7 week ultrasound instead of lmp. That would make the baby’s growth more like a week behind, which while still a little concerning, it’s not as dire as his little legs being only in the 3rd percentile. Other than that, he looks perfect. Heart rate 150-something, brain and heart and all other organs look perfect. So I left with the plan to have a growth ultrasound next month and get on the schedule for a 39 week induction, as usual. I’m really crossing my fingers that I’ll go into labor a day or two before induction like I did with Quayd though. Having experienced both a spontaneous labor and 2 inductions, I can definitely say that the spontaneous labor was much easier (and less painful) on my body.

All that aside, this week was super stressful for me. I had this grand idea that DH should go with his parents on a 4 day, 3 night trip to visit his sister (all of 4.5 hours away). He was super hesitant unless my sister M could stay the weekend with me and the kids. We went back and forth on the plan for a week and he decided to just stay home, then I felt terrible for holding him back from going because he’s had such a stupid year and I felt like he needed to go. So finally, the day before he was supposed to leave, we decided he would go. I booked a one night hotel stay in the city and bought zoo tickets so the kids and I could have a little weekend adventure (along with M). It would have been fantastic except Quayd barely slept for 2 nights and that on top of insomnia left me feeling like a zombie all weekend. But we made it! We survived the weekend (I might have texted DH in a panic 2 nights in a row at 1am though). I sent M home the last night so she could sleep without listening to Quayd cry because I had determined that he would be cio as I simply couldn’t handle another 2:30-3am bedtime. But, thank the Lord, he didn’t cry. I massaged him with lavender and coconut oil before bed, diffused lavender in his room and gave him some Tylenol in case his teeth were bothering him (he’s cutting his top molars right now), then I went to bed and begged the Lord for sleep. You can imagine my joy when I woke up at 8am and realized it was morning and I felt like a regular human! 😂 He didn’t even wake up for binky replacement services like he usually does.

In other pregnancy news:

  • I’m feeling a little more movement from baby now and the moves are getting a little stronger.
  • I wake up on my back a lot. :/ I’m really having trouble getting comfortable now. I sleep best with a pillow under the front of my hip so that I’m mostly on my belly. When I lay completely on my belly, the baby squirms around like it’s uncomfortable for him. 😦
  • I feel like all my motivation over the last month is dissipating. It’s probably mostly the weather but I’m definitely getting a little more uncomfortable now, especially in my hips and pelvis.
  • My mood is really unpredictable and I cry easily over stupid stuff. Everything feels aggravating lately.

I didn’t take any pics this week except to show my sisters the matching fam jams I bought. I am so stinking excited to give the kids and DH theirs and take a cheesy family picture. 😂❤️

Dear God, thank You for getting us safely and sanely through this past week and for helping me to finally get good sleep. Please help Destin to grow perfectly and to be a healthy size. Thank You so much for him. In Jesus’ name, amen.