I typed up a 21 week update and it vanished into thin air, so I’m just going to include highlights from the last couple weeks in this post. Most notably, DH felt the baby move at 21 weeks. 🙂 I was laying in bed one morning contemplating pulling out the doppler to listen to the baby since I still don’t feel him a whole lot and right then he gave 2 big kicks! DH felt the second one and it really surprised him since he wasn’t expecting that. 😂 Like I said, I still don’t feel a lot but what I do feel is getting stronger. 💙 I’m so looking forward to the boys getting to feel him!!

My follow up ultrasound is this week! I’m excited to see the baby again although I can’t believe it’s been a month since my last checkup already. Time is flying super fast right now! DH and I tried measuring fundal height, just for fun (obviously neither of us are medical people, so not to worry if we don’t get the right measurement) and it seems that I’m measuring on track as I got 21cm last week. 😁 My belly still feels like a really comfortable size for the most part. I don’t have a constant heavy feeling yet although a lot of days do end in a bit of a waddle and some discomfort now.

I’m working hard on getting projects done during this easier time period of pregnancy. I refinished our kitchen table and stained the dressers that we bought for T and L last Aug. DH is supposed to paint the kitchen chairs to match the table this week and we are searching for a corner bench to create a breakfast nook. We’ve had so much fun updating and working on projects this year. I’m excited about the progress we’ve made.

This table seats 4 and is obviously way too small for our family but it was my Grandpa’s and I really wanted to find a way to use it since it is pretty special to me. It’s really solid and I love the natural color. I stained it with a transparent white stain to tone the amber down and then coated it multiple times in clear coat.

Finished color up close.

I have a deep desire for things to be neat and clean lately. I guess it might be some early nesting energy or something and possibly just overcompensating for how gross the house got during morning sickness/DH’s radiation therapy. I want everything clean! The algae in the fish tank was really bothering me, so I bought some nerite snails last week and they’re doing an excellent job getting it clean in there. I feel so pleased with them, it’s ridiculous.

Other tidbits:

  • I’m up 24lbs, which is actually really good news for me, even though it’s a lot for 22 weeks. I’ve only gained 2lbs since 18 weeks, so I’m hugely encouraged that if I keep up with my current meal and snack options (lower carbs, high fiber and more balanced protein) maybe I can gain at a healthier pace instead of so rapidly.
  • My mood swings lately are horrible! I tried to make coffee a few days ago and the Keurig wouldn’t accept the pod (that I’ve used almost daily for over a year!) and some flies kept landing on me while I was eating breakfast. This culminated in me rushing to the shower to sob heavily. DH came to check on me after my sudden disappearance and was really surprised to find me crying about coffee and flies. That’s not usual for me at all and I hate the mood swings! Needless to say, DH quickly remedied the coffee situation.
  • I have a lot of acne, especially on my chest and it’s really annoying.
  • Some days I notice a lot of Braxton Hicks.
  • I’m not really craving anything strongly but sour stuff sounds good. Having major aversions to meat. Mild queasiness here and there but I’m not entirely sure it’s pregnancy related.

Sorry, you’re getting the end of the day, jammies shot. I meant to take a pic this morning but I forgot.

Dear God, thank You for a healthy week. Please help the ultrasound and appointment to go well and for our family to be healthy and safe. In Jesus’ name, amen.