• The morning sickness continues but it’s not as ever-present. More like waves now with mild queasiness between. I had to go back to taking unisom every night. Waking up with nausea is no fun and I don’t have to deal with as much of that if I take the unisom.
  • Sleep has been pretty good overall but I’ve had a few rough nights with restless legs and tossing back and forth. Magnesium spray and stretching help the restless legs some.
  • Acid reflux is also a problem even with nightly pepcid. I hate to take it but I don’t know what else to do! Open to suggestions though.

Weight: I haven’t weighed myself in a couple days but I think 14-15?

Cravings/aversions: I realized I haven’t covered this category in a blog post yet, although my fam is subjected to my craving/aversion updates on a regular basis 😂… I was craving Yakisoba for dayyyys and finally got some instant stuff and it was pretty 🤢. I haven’t been able to eat chicken this whole pregnancy without nausea and a truly horrible aftertaste all day long. Beef makes my stomach cramp if I eat more than a few bites at a time. Venison and salmon are safe and hopefully remain so because I want to eat salmon 86 times a day, although I don’t get to even once a week. 😦 I’ve run through cravings of fries several times but usually decide it’s not worth the grease-induced nausea. Frozen caramel frappés hit the spot but I’ve only let myself have like 3 in the last few weeks because the calories!! 😱 I went through this intense homemade vegetable soup phase and it weirdly calmed my nausea so I ate like 5 bowls a day, scattered throughout, including at bedtime (which also weirdly didn’t give me acid reflux problems). I made 2 stock pots of it on seperate occasions and just ate it for days… breakfast, lunch, supper, snacks… It was a weird phase. It still sounds good but thankfully I can survive without it now. I have also been craving bubble gum, and sour candy and both of those calm my stomach. Come to think of it, it sounds like my body is craving vit c with all this citric acid stuff…. I also went through a 10ish layer nacho phase with lots of jalapeños. Spicy sounds good.

Bump: I’ve definitely felt movement a few times this week. Not every day but occasionally. Once I was laying in bed and felt a little bump. Another time I was sitting leaning forward and felt a nudge and this morning I was sitting with Zane in the recliner and felt a kick. Looking forward to more frequent movement soon!!

It’s odd that my belly actually looks a little smaller this week. Which is a relief in a way but still didn’t stop me from getting my first “15 weeks?? Are you sure your dates are right??” comment. And yeah, I get it. My belly popped out before the pee dried on the pregnancy test this time. It is what it is.

15 weeks 6 days. My dates are right, yo.

Dear God, thank You for a good week and for helping me feel so much better this week than last. Please help me to keep feeling well and enjoying this second trimester and most of all, please help the baby keep growing and being strong and healthy. In Jesus’ name, amen.