Levi lost his first tooth this week! (8-24-20)

Despite being scared of losing a tooth for over a year, being unable to talk about it because of his fear, tearing up when people would talk about it, and brushing his teeth for long periods of time in an effort to never lose them…. (We tried to explain that it was part of life but he would say “I don’t want to talk about it”) He was quite relieved that it wasn’t painful at all. In fact he was eating a fajita and said “my tooth just fell out in my food!” At first he looked worried but quickly remarked that it didn’t hurt and he wasn’t scared any more. 😊 It had been wiggly for a few weeks and he had been so nervous, he wouldn’t brush that tooth for fear of knocking it out. He had me brush his teeth once because he was so worried. During that time, Tru lost 2 more teeth (5 total now!) with zero problems and kept telling Levi “See? It doesn’t hurt!” to try and calm him down (When Tru lost his first tooth, Levi cried. He thought that Tru would be a grown up the next day because he lost his tooth. It was quite sad and scary for poor Levi even though Tru was excited.) and also showing him the money the tooth fairy left him. I think that probably did help Levi to feel a little more prepared when the time came.

The tooth fairy gave him $5 and a little shark that grows in water (all successive teeth are $2 and no toy) and I took him to the store to spend his money a couple days later. He bought the “Operation” game and has really been enjoying playing with that the last couple days. So I’m glad that he ended up having a very positive experience in the end and I’m hopeful that all future teeth will be lost without any fears or anxieties. 🙂