I was just sitting here winding down for the evening and realized that tomorrow is 15 weeks! The last couple weeks have really buzzed by. Probably mostly thanks to the fact that I’ve felt significantly better with the nausea. It’s definitely not 100% gone but I’ve only used zofran once this week and that was mostly due to skipping a real breakfast before a 1 hour car ride down a lot of rough roads. I had some close calls on that trip and wound up holding a pair of swimming trucks that were in the car over my mouth for part of the ride. I was certain I was going to throw up before we reached our friend’s house but thankfully once inside, I felt a whole lot better!

All that aside, unfortunately I do have a lot of the chest pressure, jaw tightness, neck soreness and sinus pressure that I had throughout the winter. I saw multiple drs over the winter and spring and received a ton of different diagnosis. Pneumonia (nope), chest pressure due to a deformed rib (yes but nope), severe acid reflux (yes but 4x the normal dose of reflux medicine didn’t alleviate the symptoms I’m having), an enlarged thyroid putting pressure on my esophagus (this made some sense to me but we never followed through with the ultrasound as it got cancelled), and last but not least, esophageal spasms. This one definitely feels the most accurate to me but the problem is, how to fix it. And why is it happening? I’m hoping I can wait it out again and it’ll stop and I’ll feel normal soon. But I would really appreciate prayers to be feeling good soon. Guys, it’s my second trimester. The only opportunity to feel halfway normal during pregnancy. I don’t want stupid crap to interfere with this time!

Sorry for rambling. See, this is why I need a format to keep my thoughts in order. 😂 So, here are the highlights:

  • Sleep is pretty good. I skipped unisom last night for the first time in weeks and slept about the same but woke up earlier and wayyyyyyyy less groggy. Which was really nice but the nausea seemed a little more annoying today and I’m guessing that skipping the unisom is why. But I think I can manage now and it’s just so hard waking up so groggy. It takes me forever to get moving with unisom in my system.
  • Weight gain is frustrating at the moment as I’ve gained 13 lbs, at least. That’s so much for so early for me. 😱 But I know I’m eating my usual diet and actually, smaller portions half the time because I can’t eat as much right now (nausea), so I have to assume my body is just holding on to calories like crazy. Nothing I can do about it other than try not to worry. It’s just a little nerve-racking because I don’t want to have my work cut out for me on losing weight after baby comes. 😬
  • Still not feeling movement. Every once in awhile I’ll feel a flutter and be pretty sure its the baby but I really don’t know. I don’t have really any opportunities to just lay down and focus during the day and at night I’m asleep pretty fast. 😂 But hopefully soon I’ll be able to feel it for sure. It’s still early anyway.
  • Levi hugs “the baby” a lot and seems very excited. He talks about the baby a lot too and asks to hear it’s heartbeat. He’s the kid I worried about most, feeling out of sorts about yet another baby. He’s always been very clear that he needs a lot of one on one time with both of us parents. So I’m glad that so far he views the baby as an exciting and welcome addition and is already trying to figure out where the baby will sit in the van etc. It’s cute. 😊 We just have to work extra hard to make sure everyone gets ample attention every day. Parenting is so much a balancing act!
  • Tru was very focused on picking a middle name for the baby today. He’s definitely been very accepting of a new baby brother and taking on an attitude of responsibility towards it. He’s such a “mother hen” (or should I say, father goose 😂). I find it so interesting watching these kids develop their little personalities. The other day he was worried about one of his shirts that has 4 ninjas on it. Originally I told him it was the 4 bros. Now he’s worried because the baby is left out. So cute that he thinks of these things!
  • Zane and Quayd are very much oblivious to the baby and to my growing belly. I know Zane momentarily tries to grasp what we are talking about in regards to a baby in Mommy’s belly, but he doesn’t have that concept in his mind as a full-time thing. Bless his heart, he’s just focusing on potty training right now and he’s pretty much doing it on his own with only an occasional reminder from us. Quayd is more interested in sticking his hands and toys in the toilet every.single.time he sees the bathroom door open. 😂

14 weeks 5 days

Dear God, thank You for the good week we’ve had. Please help me with these uncomfortable symptoms, that they will go away and I’ll feel good and be able to enjoy this second trimester. Please continue to watch over the baby and all of us. In Jesus’ name, amen.