Yikes, this week has been rough. The nausea has definitely reached a new peak. Mornings are manageable. I try to do everything I can in the mornings with cleaning and stuff. Afternoons get super dicey and by supper, I’m pretty much ditching everyone at the super table to go lay down in the living room. On evenings when I can be outside (it’s sooooo hot here!), I do better. I generally don’t feel nearly as sick outside but unfortunately it’s too hot to be out for more than a few minutes here and there during the day without getting lightheaded from the heat and getting dehydrated pretty fast. :/

So yeah, it’s rough right now. I just keep reminding myself that we are alllllmost to the second trimester and maybe some relief. If the gross taste in my mouth would go away, that would be half the battle right there. It’s like some severe bitter nastiness that haunts me all day. Sometimes I think the nausea is really just 2/3 that nasty taste that makes me sick. It goes away while I’m eating and consequently I have gained about 7lbs. Yes, seven. In the first trimester. 🤦*breathe* It’s going to be ok….

Sleep is going better. It was a little rough for a few weeks but the last few nights I slept a lot better. I am only taking progesterone at bedtime now. I weaned off the morning dose towards the end of week 9. It’s so nice to not have to deal with that icky mess all day. I’m planning to drop 1 of the 2 evening pills at 11 weeks and be done shortly after.

Levi asks to hear the baby’s heartbeat a lot. I have only used the doppler a few times but he keeps asking. It’s pretty cute how much he loves the baby and hugs my belly. We’re all looking forward to finding out the gender soon. 😀 Only 2 weeks to go, hopefully!

I had my ob intake appointment this week. I enjoyed catching up with one of my Dr’s. She found the baby on the doppler the instant she placed the wand on my belly. Unfortunately she noted I definitely have a hernia that will most likely require surgery after the birth. Not looking forward to that. She found the whole situation with my unexpectedly getting pregnant again to be quite amusing and was very interested in hearing all about how DH’s experience has been so far. Unfortunately she had to hear it from me and not him as father’s are not allowed to be in the exam room currently.

She also informed me that at this time the protocol is for mothers to wear masks during labor and birth. I’ll probably write more on this later but suffice it to say for now that I have really REALLY been struggling with this information. I cannot imagine being expected to keep a mask on throughout labor and birth. It seems downright inhumane actually. *breathe* (pun intended) Also, a covid test when you come in for the birth is required. Because every woman who is having cervical checks, IVs, monitors on their belly and wearing a mask while also in extreme discomfort really wants to have a swab shoved up their nose. 🙄 Ugh!!! AAANNNNDDDD, if all that isn’t enough to raise the ol labor anxiety bar a little higher, they originally were quarantining covid positive mothers from their babies and having them pump if they desired to breastfeed. (My ob personally thought this was not right) She said at this time, the rules are changing day by day but they are now having the mothers wear masks at all times and only hold baby for feedings. Which makes much more sense to me than completely removing a newborn from its mother for 14 days but hey, I know there are some who would strongly disagree with me. Anyway, Feb is months away and anything could change by then, both for the better or worse. So there isn’t much sense in thinking about all this too much just yet but I definitely have had some anxious moments since hearing these things. DH, my sister, another friend, my mom, and my bff have all spent some time trying to calm my nerves over this but really, only time will tell what will happen. All I know is, I wish things could be normal again.

Dear God, thank You for a healthy week. Please continue to protect this sweet baby and help it to thrive and grow. Please help mothers and families everywhere as we try to get through these trying times. Bless the drs and nurses with wisdom in helping mothers give birth safely and comfortably without extra stress and grief. And bless the babies to be properly cared for. In Jesus’ name, amen.