Wow, July is flying by fast! It’s so incredibly hot here with really high humidity (yesterday was 95% humidity!!) but I’m in no hurry for summer to be over. I need more pool days and evenings on the porch before I’ll be ready for fall.

Ok, my baby is walking everywhere as of this week. Before he was just doing a couple steps here and there but now he’s doing more walking than crawling. 😶 I already feel like I don’t have enough videos of him crawling and now I’m trying to capture these wobbly steps. I’ve used my camera very little this year in favor of grabbing my phone, which is fine but I do regret it as the quality just isn’t the same. But it’s ok. As long as we capture these moments one way or another! Next month is Quayd’s first birthday! This year has absolutely blown by without pause. How is he already almost 1? He is rapidly weaning himself also as he dropped from 6-8 nursing sessions a day to only 2 times yesterday. I’ve started giving him a couple bottles of thawed breastmilk every day and having to pump occasionally to relieve the milk. I was a little disappointed he didn’t nurse longer because I really thought he would. But more on that later….

DH has completed 2 weeks of radiation and has 2 weeks to go. It’s going well now. The first 2 days were really hard and he had bad nausea and some dry heaving but after that he switched to taking his zofran an hour or two after the treatments instead of before and the nausea is no more. Usually they recommend to take zofran before radiation but the nausea doesn’t hit him for a few hours. He is definitely more tired than usual and takes naps here and there. He said it’s the kind of tired like when you’ve been out in the sun. Aside from that and some mild stomach cramps, he’s not had any other side effects. We had a good meeting with his dr to discuss all the details that we hadn’t gone over at his initial consultation and he said basically DH has a 20% chance of cancer reoccurrence without radiation but 99% cure rate with it. The dr wanted him to make the decision to do it based on his own preferences though and said he would follow up with and take care of DH either way. Even though it’s true that 80% of the time the radiation is an unnecessary precaution, it just made sense to us for him to do it. So I’m glad it’s halfway to being over and DH’s daily trips to the cancer center can be over. It takes less than hour for him to go and do the radiation and come home, so at least it doesn’t take too much time out of the day but it causes DH to have to work an hour later every evening to make up for the time.

Anyway, shew, these kids are growing up. I never finished Levi’s 5 year update, unfortunately. Tru lost his 3rd tooth lastnight (1st top tooth) and Zane is a totally different kid than he was last summer. Life is literally flying and I know it’s like the 3rd time I’ve said that already but man, if its not true!

Our little farm is coming along nicely. We are milking our goat now finally and boy does she have some nice rich milk! We sold one of her little bucklings and need to get the other one moved on to a new home. I bought a hen with 11 chicks and now we have 17 chickens. 😂 Hopefully we will start getting eggs in a couple more weeks. The older chicks are about ready to start laying now. It’s funny because DH and Tru really like the chickens and pick them grass and weeds and sit and watch them. Levi, Zane and I are more interested in the goats. Levi is really wanting to learn how to milk the goat. Once I get better at it myself I’ll have to teach him. 😁

I felt like I had way more stuff to post but I’m drawing a blank. I’ll just have to post again later if I remember. 😆

Quayd took a selfie

The gangs all here