I found the baby’s heartbeat with the doppler this evening! I was surprised to find it quickly and at a nice strong healthy sounding gallop. I needed that. I needed to be reminded of what the joy is behind the nausea and lifting restrictions. It was a beautiful sound to hear. I’m so glad I got to hear it today…

Today was rough. I’ve been up and down emotionally with the pregnancy and everything going on currently. Like what a crazy year so far! I wouldn’t have believed it if I’d been told this year would be in my life. Hard times happen but this has been so random!

DH had his first radiation treatment today which was surprisingly more emotional for me than I’d anticipated. He’s supposed to have 20 total. Every Monday – Friday for 4 weeks at 9:15 he has to go to the cancer center for his dose. Unfortunately it made him nauseated as the day wore on and by 1:30pm he asked for a zofran. Before it set in he had some dry heaving but thankfully no throwing up. He wasn’t able to eat much at all for lunch but somehow he kept working. He’s a trooper! I wish he could take off work on the one hand but also, I think he’s mentally in a better place while he’s staying busy. His job isn’t physically taxing but it does take a mental toll. If he needs time off at some point, he can take FMLA leave which I will strongly encourage if he keeps having days like today.

This morning I woke up and the house was a disaster. Like it was legitimately gross. Constant morning sickness coupled with lifting restrictions has left our house beyond just normal “letting it go” standards. DH does as much picking up and dishes in the evenings as he can but it’s a full time job with 4 kids. We are seriously always occupied. I had about 8 loads of washed laundry waiting to be folded. I spent almost 2 straight hours folding clothes on my bed this morning. At some point I texted my mom to complain about how overwhelmingly gross my house was and that I need a housekeeper. She did what good moms do and immediately replied “I’m on my way.” Now, my mom is in no shape to help me. At all. She’s been practically immobilised for several months by arthritis and sciatica in her hip. The combination is very painful and she walks very slowly and can’t bend over or lift. But good moms save you even when they can’t, so… I texted her back to bring my sister K (she’s 16) and I’ll GLADLY pay her to help me clean.

So anyway, after several hours of cleaning, having mom and K help with the kids, and be moral support for DH and I through his nausea spell (remember, I have emetophobia and I can’t deal with people throwing up), I am so thankful to say that the house is a lot better off but more importantly, so am I. I feel refreshed. We settled on a plan that every Monday for the foreseeable future, K can come clean and I will pay her, and mom can take Tru and Levi out to the studio for school time to give me a day off from schooling. I can’t even tell you how relieved I feel. If we stick to this plan, not only will mom have valuable time with the grands, they will also get to enjoy doing school with someone a little more interesting than me. 😉 All while allowing me to get more cleaning done with less interruptions (definitely need to align this plan with Zane and Quayd’s nap schedules) and spend time with K. It’s a good opportunity for her to earn a few extra dollars (even though she didn’t want me to pay her) and she is just a generally helpful kid, so she didn’t seem to mind cleaning up our messes while we chatted together.

All that has very little to do with the pregnancy other than lifting my load during this challenging time. But it seems important to document. My symptoms this week are the same as last and I’m just waiting for my ultrasound this week to check the SCH. I got my first ob intake appointment scheduled for next week. I don’t know if they’ll be doing an ultrasound then. I still don’t have a plan on when to announce the pregnancy but I guess I’ll just play it by ear given how the ultrasound looks. I think the boys will be really excited. 🙂

Dear God, thank You so much for encouragement in the form of caring and helpful family. Thank You for the love we’ve been surrounded by during this emotional time. Please continue to watch over the baby. Help DH to cope well with the side effects of radiation and please don’t let it cause more harm than good. In Jesus’ name, amen.