We were told by the urologist that if the CT scan looked good, DH would not be referred to an oncologist. So fear struck my heart when I heard DH answer the phone Thursday afternoon when the receptionist called to tell him he had a 9:30am appointment with the oncologist Friday morning. She wasn’t able to give any further information as to what his CT scan showed or why he was being referred and a call to his urologist’s nurse line didn’t yield a live human to talk to. So I spent the rest of the evening feeling concerned and upset. Granted, testicular cancer that has spread still has a very high cure rate. But the idea of DH going through treatments and possibly more surgery was so hard to bear.

Friday morning my mom came over to watch the boys while we went to the appointment. Thankfully, the physician assistant was able to calm our fears during our hour wait for the dr to come in. She said there was a spot on DH’s spine but the report said it looks like a degenerative disc and that there was no sign of metastasis. Praise God! The relief was immense!

The dr came in and after a thorough exam and a lot of detailed information about testicular cancer, he said that the pathology report came back stage 2 and that there was “lymphovascular involvement” although the margins were good and the ct scan was perfect. It’s impossible to guarantee that there are no invisible cancer cells that had begun their journey to nearby lymph nodes though and because of this, he feels it’s best for DH to do 3 weeks of radiation therapy. This is supposed to be Mon-Fri for 15-18 total treatments. It shouldn’t take long, probably only half an hour a day. The dose is low and therefore the side effects should also be minimal. Some nausea is expected but they are prescribing zofran for DH to take before each session. A whole bunch of lab work was done after the appointment and hopefully everything comes back perfect so this process can move along quickly. It’s also good timing because DH is being laid off for a week during the treatments, so he won’t have to try to work that out with his boss for that week.

So, we’d hoped the twice yearly ct scans and bloodwork would be the end of it and no further treatment required but if this gives DH a better chance at no recurrence, then it’s worth it. I’m just glad it’s not chemo or surgery. Definitely feeling blessed at that!