Ok, not really. But I could have sworn I did a Quayd update in May but when I looked just now, the last update was in March!!! Poor Quayd! I really regret not doing more updates for my little guy. I guess that’s my bad though for not setting aside more dedicated blog time. It’s definitely important to me to keep a good record!

Quayd is zipping all around the house, crawling regular style and bear crawling on hard floors or when his knees get worn out. I’ve never seen a baby bear crawl so much! He’s also learned how to go from a crouch to a full stand in the middle of the floor and he does it all day over and over. He smiles at me and holds his hands over his head like he’s so proud of himself. On June 17th he took a couple steps while holding something in his hands. It was like he didn’t realize that he was standing solo, so he just started to walk. So darn cute!

We are on a pretty good schedule with sleep right now. Bedtime is around 10:30pm and then up for the day anywhere from 8:30am to 10:30am. We either have 1 wake up, usually around 5-6am but sometimes around 2-3am instead. Fairly often Quayd will sleep through the night but when he does wake up, he’s always super hungry. Naps are usually twice a day with the first one being a couple hours after he gets up for the day and the second nap being toward evening. The early nap is generally 1.5-3 hours long and the later nap is shorter.

He’s nursing at least 6-8 times throughout the day and also eating snacks and a couple meals. I stopped pumping twice a day about 3 weeks ago and only pump now when I get over full, so Quayd is taking in a lot more milk every morning as I nurse him several times to get the extra milk I’d usually be pumping out. He’s not a huge eater with solids but I feed him as much as he’s willing to eat. Big people food is generally well accepted while soft mushy foods usually get rejected pretty fast. We are working on using a sippy cup for water but he’s not getting the hang of it yet. He will take bottles for other people but we’ve still probably given less than a dozen because he’s just not a fan.

Favorite things right now are:

  • Playing with his brothers
  • Rolling around on the floor and climbing on mommy and daddy like we are a play gym
  • Driving around in his walker on the porch
  • Being carried in his Moby wrap while we go for hikes. He would gladly be in his Moby wrap all day long!
  • Sticking his hands in the toilet. He heads for the toilet every single time someone forgets to close the bathroom door. It’s a real struggle trying to keep him from getting to the bathroom
  • Stroller rides and he’s getting less angry about car rides
  • Finding crumbs and small toys that he shouldn’t put in his mouth
  • Doing yoga while nursing
  • Watching the baby goats run around
  • Music and being sung to. He also loves to dance and move his arms to music
  • His pacifiers. I call him “Binky Baby” because he always has one in his mouth. We would be lost without his binkies. Life would be very loud and sad.

Quayd is currently mostly in 12 month clothes but still fitting a few 9 month items. He wears size 3 diapers and so does Zane, so that’s handy. I think he weighs about 20lbs. I’ve tried weighing him several times but it’s hard to get an accurate reading. We haven’t had a well child checkup in a long time but he looks and acts healthy in my opinion. Hopefully we can get back to our regular checkup schedule soon. 🙂

Quayd has such a silly fun personality. He loves to crawl away as fast as he can and laughs while we chase him. He loves when we go “boo!” and surprise him. He loves kisses and being tickled. Generally he’s a sweet baby and mostly happy. When he’s not happy, the whole house hears about it. 😂

Dear God, thank You for Quayd and his sweet and fun personality. Thank You for how well he’s growing and doing. Please keep him healthy and safe all throughout his life. In Jesus’ name, amen.