I had my beta and progesterone tests done today. I started prometrium 200mg am and pm lastnight and don’t have the progesterone test back yet but my beta came back at a strong and healthy 1,449. 😮 I’m thinking maybe I ovulated a couple days earlier than I thought originally, so I might actually be 19dpo (4 weeks 5 days) instead of 17dpo. Either date fits the timeline for when “things” happened. 😉 That makes my due date 2/19/2020

Symptoms currently are: cramps, metallic taste, peeing a lot and also extra thirsty, slight queasiness, and sleeping really well at night (always a welcome early pregnancy symptom for me because I usually do NOT sleep well).

I’m used to and attached to the idea of having another baby now. Really hoping I have a healthy, easy pregnancy experience. 🙂

Edit: progesterone came back at 29.7 🤗

Tests are from top to bottom: 15dpo, 16dpo, 17dpo and 18dpo. That was a pretty good progression and now that I’ve had such a good beta, I don’t think I need any more confirmation tests. 😂😂😂😂