DH had his post op appointment and everything looks good. He’s healing well, off restrictions except that he can’t lift anything that makes him strain excessively. Physically he’s almost back to normal. He feels good and is getting his stamina back. We’ve been going on hikes with the kiddos and he’s been fishing etc and having pretty normal energy levels.

Unfortunately the mass came back as cancer. Seminoma. The dr is fairly certain that he got it all out and said it’s a good thing we caught it so early because another 6 months could have been a different story. As of right now, he doesn’t expect DH to need further treatment. However, he does have a scan scheduled for tomorrow and repeat labs to make sure the tumor markers are going down. Every 6 months for 5 years DH is supposed to get a scan and labs. Hopefully nothing pops up in that time period and we can put this whole thing behind us.

Thank you everyone for praying. DH is so appreciative of all the thoughts and prayers. He’s had such a great recovery, God has really blessed him. ❤️