DH had his surgery to remove the testicle with the mass on May 21st. We arrived to the hospital at 12pm and surgery took place around 1:15pm. Praise God, I was allowed in the hospital with him before and after and I waited with his parents in the parking lot during the surgery. At 2:20pm the nurse called me to come in and sit with him. They said everything went well and the dr came in to talk with us after that. He believes the mass was contained and we are waiting on pathology results now. The Dr explained that DH does have elevated tumor markers but a negative HCG, which means it’s not likely to be choriocarcinoma, which is a relief.

DH went home with his parents for the night after the surgery and came home the following evening (He wanted to stay longer but I was an emotional wreck without him. I just needed to hold him!) Thankfully his recovery has been smooth and he’s had very little pain whatsoever after the first day. He’s been using ice and took ibuprofen once in the last 3 days. He’s 5 days post op now and worked from home today. It was a little uncomfortable to sit upright as it makes his incision bend but he has spent the evening resting in the recliner and feels pretty good. Definitely anxious to get back to his usual routine and being able to lift the kids again. Thankfully they have all been careful around him and haven’t jumped on him, although I kept a mountain of pillows on him the first few days.

Still hoping and praying for good news! Thankful for DH’s positive outlook and that he’s been pretty much himself with his mood after the first couple days. The first 2 days after were hard for him to process and it was worrying me as I felt him distancing emotionally. But we had some good talks and a quiet day together while his mom and sister watched the 3 older kids and we stayed home with just Quayd. I feel like that day helped us both get back in perspective and afforded us the uninterrupted time to talk about how we felt. It’s tough emotionally, the unknown. And surgery is never easy. But I do believe God has blessed us with peace during this time.