Well, actually I don’t know how much of an adventure it’ll be, but we currently have 17 eggs incubating on the kitchen counter. Today is day 3 for 9 of the 17 and when we candled them this evening (which means we turned off the lights and held the eggs up to the flashlight so we could see through them) we saw embryos growing in all 9!! The other 8 eggs will be ready to candle in 2 days, Lord willing. Hoping for a high hatch rate and lots of chicks!!

It only takes 21 days to incubate a chick, so even though I do have to monitor the temp and humidity and turn the eggs every few hours, it’s not too involved. I got the first 9 eggs from a lady down the road who sells eggs. I have bought eggs to eat from her before, so I asked her if they were fertilized and she wasn’t sure if her rooster had been around the hens but I decided to give these eggs a go and yep, the rooster definitely did his thing. 😂

The spider shape in the middle is the chick with blood vessels extending outwards

Notice the dark area and light area, the yolk and egg white. You can also just barely make out the air cell at the bottom of the egg. Hopefully this little chick will peck through that in a few weeks and take its first breath.

It’s harder to see in this picture

The second batch of eggs is from my friend who raises chickens. I’m really excited to see what these chicks look like because we definitely have several different breeds going on.

Originally we decided to incubate some eggs as a learning project with the boys. The plan was to give the chicks to my brother since he was going to buy some anyway as he does nearly every year. But he only wants 6 and we have 17 eggs. 😅 The old saying not to count your chicks before they hatch applies but now DH and I are hoping for a high hatch rate and some chicks for us to raise. 🤗 My family had lots of chickens when I was growing up, so I’m used to raising chickens, we just need to build a coop to keep them safe and warm.

So that’s our little adventure for now. 🙂