Ok, it is definitely WAY beyond time for an update. Quayd is crawling all over the place as of Feb 23 and cut 2 bottom teeth on Feb 24. It’s so cute now that he can chase his brothers down and steal their toys. We just so happened to have influenza A during the week that he perfected his crawling and cut his shiny new teeth. It was an absolutely miserable virus. Like beyond horrible (I’d rather go through childbirth) but thankfully we all came through no worse for wear, although more tired than usual for a couple weeks. The kids were all sick for 2-3 days and then had lingering coughs for awhile. DH and I were hit much harder and it was nearly impossible taking care of all the kids while being sick. It was kind of a matter of which of us was physically able to fight our way out of bed at any given moment to dose the kids with their Motrin, get them drinks and popsicles, wash laundry etc. *Shudder* I gotta stop talking about it now. 😂

So, Quayd… He is so hilarious. He laughs constantly and has a great sense of humor. He also has a temper… Boy does he ever! He goes from 0 to 60 darn near instantly and has quite the set of pipes! If Quayd is mad, everyone hears about it. 😂

Cousin bonding time with N

Quayd eats solids at least once a day, although he is really not a too excited about purées. It took a whole month to get him going on eating and I just kept trying every day. I let him stick his fingers in food, hold a spoon, tried pouches, tried feeding him off my finger … I even tried putting baby cereal in a bottle (He still won’t take a bottle) but he just wasn’t interested. We are finally making progress though! Quayd is enjoying tiny pieces of table food, puffs, melts, teething wafers and even a few bites here and there of mixed purées. He still nurses about every 2 hours during the day, sometimes less often.

Tru drew a mustache and beard on him. These boys!!

Bedtime has been a bit tricky the last month or so. Quayd was sleeping so beautifully but he’s had a bit of trouble sleeping through the night for the last month+. Bedtime is usually around 10-10:30pm. He will almost always wake at 12am to nurse. And then sometimes around 7am and then he will wake up around 10am for the day. But the last few weeks he’s fighting sleep and waking up all.night.long for binky replacement, nursing, cuddling … I’ve been trying to transition him from the co-sleeper by my bed to the pack-and-play across the room but I think the biggest problem is that he needs his own room. I think his biggest barrier to sleep is knowing that I’m right there. That just makes him want to be held and nursed all night. This is what our other kids did when they were ready to move to their own rooms. If we could just get going on the addition we are trying to build on, that would be great! It’s been such a process just getting a contractor and getting the right weather… Someday! (I hope, haha)

So anyway, due to the sleep problems, we have decided to start CIO for bedtime. I’m more than happy to nurse a couple times during the night, but I can’t stay up until 1-2am waiting for him to finally go to sleep for the night, only to be woken up literally 15+ times. The first night of CIO was horrible and I finally caved and laid in my bed by the co-sleeper, at which point he fell asleep quickly. The second night I stayed in the family room until he was asleep. That was much shorter duration of crying. The third night, DH rocked Quayd to sleep at bedtime but by the second wake up of the night (after I nursed him again), I went out to the family room to see if he would CIO without me right there and sure enough, in a few minutes he was sound asleep again. Like I said, I’m his biggest problem when it comes to sleep. He’s too aware of me being right there with a cozy boob. 😂

Anyway, if my past experiences with our older kids hold true, the worst of CIO will soon be behind us and we should be close to Quayd at least going to bed easier. I mean, he actually used to fall asleep on his own quite often and I’m not sure at what point we derailed that but hopefully he will be going to sleep and sleeping well again soon regardless of what room he’s in. We need to work on naps too because they are sporadic and very short currently. I’m trying to get naps moved to his pack and play in my room with the fan on for noise so he can sleep better. Currently almost all naps are in mine or DH’s arms which we actually really enjoy but it’s just hard for Quayd to get good sleep that way.

Lots of cousin time

Let’s see, what else is new with Quayd….

  • He is 18.2lbs now
  • Size 3 diapers and 9-12month clothes (he’s tall!)
  • He’s putting everything in his mouth, which is handy when he’s feeding himself but not so great when he’s finding alllll the crumbs and small toys the boys drop.
  • He is really fun and giggly
  • He kicks and waves up a storm when he gets excited
  • He no longer hates baths, thankfully
  • His eczema has improved greatly the last couple weeks and I’m not having to slather him in cream constantly.
  • He loves chewing on his fingers
  • He gives “kisses” and I love it!
  • He loves his brothers so much and they love him. They’re all excited to see eachother every morning and the older boys love helping Quayd out of his sleep sack and leading him to crawl around. It’s so cute! He’s basically just one of the guys now. We are seeing a blossoming relationship between Quayd and Zane and it’s everything I hoped for. ❤️ Zane still hasn’t shown any jealousy toward Quayd, which is amazing to me.

Dear God, thank You for this precious little boy. He’s perfect and beautiful and a blessing to our whole family. Please watch over and protect him in all the things that he does. In Jesus’ name, amen.