I just looked back on my posts and I haven’t written a Quayd update since he was 11 weeks! That’s crazy. He’s grown and changed so much since then! His little personality has bloomed right before our eyes and he’s become the most fun and goofy little person. He just looks at us and starts to giggle sometimes.

Around 12 weeks, Quayd discovered that he has hands and started using his left hand to hold onto his right hand and eventually put them both into his mouth. By 14 weeks he was beginning to hold on to objects. At 15 weeks he started putting objects in his mouth. Nowadays he just loves to chew on 2 fingers of his left hand. He’s drooling like crazy and we have to keep a bib on him so he doesn’t soak his outfits. I’m expecting to see a little tooth or two anytime now!

Quayd has himself on a nice loose schedule. Sleep hasn’t changed and naps throughout the day are still sporadic but nighttime sleep is generally good. He still starts fussing around 10pm and won’t settle until he is in his sleepsack. Then I nurse him and lay him in his bed. Occasionally I’ll nurse him around midnight if he starts fidgeting. Most nights he sleeps through the night until at least 6am. When he wakes up at that point, generally a binky puts him right back to sleep. Sometimes I nurse him instead. Otherwise he sleeps until 8-10am. At that point he will nurse and almost always end up falling asleep again until 11:30am or so. After that he is up and playing, mostly on the floor, in his upsitter, or in his swing. He nurses when he wakes up and then like clockwork I can expect him to want to nurse around 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm and maybe one more time before his bedtime nursing. As far as pumping goes, I’m only pumping once in the morning and then right before bed. I’m getting about half as much milk per time as before, which is how my body usually does at this point. DH keeps begging to give Quayd a taste of real food but I want to hold off a tad longer, although the pediatrician said that if Quayd seems ready a little sooner than 6 months, go ahead and start a little taste here and there.

As far as growth goes, I think he’s right about 16llbs now. He’s not huge for his age but he is really tall. I unpacked his 6 month clothes and he didn’t wear half of them before moving to 9 month clothes. He still wears a few 6 month pieces but most of them and just too short. His arms are very long too. He is still in size 2 diapers but after we use the next 2 packs, I’d say he will definitely need size 3.

The older boys love playing with Quayd now that he is old enough to interact more. They get a kick out of making him laugh and handing him toys etc. Tru is my number one binky placer. When I’m busy and Quayd starts to fuss, Tru is always there to pop the binky in Quayd’s mouth like that’s his job. He has even changed Quayd’s diaper once because he had been asking to for awhile and I was surprised that he did a near perfect job of it. 🙂 Pretty much every morning either Tru or Levi help get Quayd out of his sleepsack and Quayd is always all smiles when he sees his big brothers come in the room. It’s hard for them to even get his arms and legs out because he’s kicking so excitedly. It’s absolutely adorable!

I’ve noticed over the last couple weeks that the coos and goos have changed a lot and now the sounds that he makes are so much like he is trying to form little words. When I sing, he likes to yell really loud along with me while he stares at my face. When I stop singing, he stops, and when I start again, he starts back up too. It’s perfection. 🙂 Thankfully the fussing and crying are at an all time low now and even though he still goes from 0-60 in an instant and definitely has the loudest cry of any of my babies, he’s reached an age where he doesn’t feel the need to cry and scream very often.

One more major development is that Quayd rolled over on December 11th at 17 weeks. He was laying on the floor and rolled from his back to his belly. I have noticed that so far he only rolls towards the right. Of course, this means its time to ditch the sleepsack. 😦 I have a feeling that is not going to go well since he’s so particular about wanting to be all wrapped up at bedtime. I guess we shall see!

Dear God, thank You for these weeks of fun and love that we have spent with Quayd. Thank You for his loving big brothers and for his happy and silly personality. We love him so much! Please watch over him and keep him healthy and safe. In Jesus’ name, amen.