Where do I even begin? As usual there has been a ton going on but if we are being honest, it’s been sheer laziness that has kept me from blogging. I have soooo much I want to catch up on both in real life and in the blogging world. I am wayyyy behind on reading posts…. Like hopelessly behind. So if I haven’t commented in awhile, it’s not you, its me.



So to begin: (I always find bullet points to be the easiest way to keep me focused)

  • Almost 4 weeks ago I found out that the crushing chest pressure and myriad of other awful symptoms was atypical “walking” pneumonia. Apparently you don’t have to be coughing up a lung with pneumonia. Who knew? This I found out after seeing my family dr earlier in the day and learning that my symptoms were suspiciously similar to pulmonary embolism. Needless to say, as the day wore on and the test results didn’t come back, I became increasingly concerned. The concern coupled with the pain and the ever decreasing ability to actually breathe in enough oxygen finally inspired me to visit the ER where I found out that it was “just” pneumonia and apparently I’d had it for weeks already, hence the gut feeling that I had some kind of low-level underlying infection that was causing my perma-exhaustion, was spot on. Unfortunately…. Here we are, nearly a month later and 2 courses of antibiotics and I’m still a long way from feeling normal. I spend a ridiculous amount of time snuggled up to a heating pad and have acquired an unhealthy desire to sleep sleep sleep. My primary focus in life right now is to sleep so much that I finally wake up without lung pain and without the feeling that I have been swimming and inhaled a lot of water. I hate it but this too shall (probably) pass.
  • It’s probably partly due to, or at least exacerbated by the infection in my lungs, but the heart palpitations and tachycardia etc got so out of hand that I was experiencing hours a day of feeling like I was about to pass out. I even had a few incidents of losing strength in my limbs during these episodes. It was at the point where I was afraid to drive, be alone with the kids or carry the baby anymore in case I should pass out, and that was putting a huge hindrance on my abilities as a mom. When I visited the ER, they were able to see the symptoms I was having on the monitor and I gained a little peace of mind that I was probably going to live awhile longer despite feeling absolutely terrible during the episodes. Currently I am afraid to be too excited but it seems like the better I get from the pneumonia, the less of that heart stuff is going on. Which makes a lot of sense. But just to be safe, I had to wear a cardiac event monitor for 3 days. That was 2 weeks ago and I haven’t gotten results yet so I’m assuming its all good. I will be very happy to put all this health stuff behind me and get on with enjoying the holidays!
  • All that fun aside, my SIL went into labor 3 weeks ago and finally had her baby last week. Yes, you read that right. She had 2 weeks of almost nightly contractions between 11pm-5am or so. Apparently that is precipitous labor and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, bless her heart. By the time she finally had the baby, 2 weeks to the day since labor had started, she was completely exhausted! But my little nephew is perfect and adorable and mommy is healing and coping amazingly well. We are all proud of her and in love with the newest member of our family. And even though the loooooong labor resulted in 3 nights (including 2 in a row) of me staying up almost all night long with the parents-to-be and eventually resulted in 2 separate trips to the hospital (and that is truly only scratching the surface of the story), I am so honored that I was able to share in the special experience of welcoming little N into the world. 🙂 Hopefully if he has siblings someday, they will give their mommy an easier time of it.
  • We made 2 trips to the pediatrician in 2 days so that all 4 kids could get their checkups done. Everyone checked out beautifully and they are all growing well for their personal growth curves.
  • I am thrilled and relieved to say that after a visit to hematology and 2 more rounds of bloodwork (I think the total is 8 now), Zane has been discharged from the hematology clinic with wonderful news. No sign of cancer, no anti-neutrophil antibodies and only a slight concern that his thyroid function is a little low. We have a lab order for another thyroid test but aside from that, he is as healthy as an itty bitty peanut. Seriously. He’s only in the 15th percentile for weight. He’s our little petite toddler person at 25lbs. As far as what caused him to have neutropenia (and as of his latest bloodwork he is right at the cutoff still), we don’t have an answer. Maybe that is just how his body jives? We may never know. But as long as he is healthy and growing and has no signs of illness, I am happy to put this incidental finding behind us and finally relax after having this constant worry since June. I just thank the Lord for good news and this sigh of relief!
  • We had a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with DH’s family at his Grandma’s house. The next day we had amazing homemade wings with his family over at his parent’s house and Tru and Levi spent the night with their cousins. Then on Sat we went to my parent’s house and enjoyed a wonderful meal that my sister M prepared almost single handedly. I contributed some lumpy and pathetic mashed potatoes (my potato game was terribly off somehow) and S and G baked some lovely and beautiful pies. We made it through the entire evening without me “yelling” at anyone (mom always thinks I’m yelling at people cause I’m opinionated…) and without any fights or drama, so it was basically an epic Thanksgiving win. Plus, there were puppies. My SIL’s dog had 8 puppies a couple months ago and they are too much. I have to continually test my willpower to not bring one home now that they are weaning.
  • Speaking of which, next month will be 1 year since we got our dog Buddy from the shelter. He is still such a great dog and I have no regrets on getting him. He is perfect with the kids, calm, quiet… The best part is that he came house trained and old enough that we missed the chewy stage were everything and everyone becomes a chew toy. 😉
  • This is hardly post-worthy but I’m just having a great time lately using up stuff that seems to pile up around here: lotions, soaps, hair products, cleaning supplies (I made the switch over the last couple years to safer and more natural cleaning products but it took a lot of trail and error finding the best ones. I can’t just let the other stuff go to waste though!), supplements (like how many different multi vitamins do I really need to buy before finishing off the last bottle?) I have also been decluttering and getting rid of so many toys and baby clothes. I find baby clothes to be extremely sentimental. It helps that I can pass a lot of them on to my new nephew and at least this way I know they are getting good use.
I think I’m going to end this now as I still have separate updates to post for Quayd and Tru and it’s definitely time to post a Levi update again…. I can’t keep up! LOL But this a great problem to have. 🙂 One I am very very thankful for, now and always.
Until next time, God bless you all.