I don’t see how it’s possible that I haven’t written an update since Quayd was 8 weeks, but… Whatever. The passage of time is like some kind of strange phenomenon right now. Days are whizzing by and life has just literally never felt so fast before.

Anyway… I have an update on Tru in the works. I decided to do an interview this time. 😂 Hopefully I get that posted before he turns 18 or something crazy. My lands!!

Ok, about Quayd…. He’s doing amazing!! He’s growing well and is close to 14lbs now (13lbs 10oz when I last checked). He’s cooing more although he’s not as “talkative” as some of my other babies. He likes to really focus on our faces while we talk to him and he smiles a ton! He likes being tickled and laughs a lot. Sometimes when I’m snuggling him he randomly looks at me and laughs. He’s been doing this for weeks now! I don’t know what he finds so humorous but he’s just sucking away on his pacifier and then he looks at me and laughs. It’s so adorable! Quayd isn’t really a fan of bath time yet but he’s doing less screaming and more looking around curiously.

Much of this schedule related stuff is just for my own memories but I’m putting it on here anyway. 😉

I’m thrilled to say that Quayd is consistently going to sleep on his own anywhere from 10pm onwards but usually he’s ready to nurse and go to sleep by 10pm. He will nurse and then I usually snuggle him in my bed for a few minutes and he coos and smiles. He will then start to fuss a bit until I get him in his sleep sack. Once he’s all bundled up in that, he doesn’t want to be messed with anymore. He fusses until the lights are dimmed and he’s in his own bed with his binky. Generally he will lay there and look at me (I’m usually sitting in my bed pumping at that point) until he drifts off to sleep. It’s the cutest thing! Like he wants to know I’m close by but he’s not able to get comfortable in my arms, so he just looks at me from his bed. 😂

Thankfully Quayd has a good thing going with sleep (for now at least) and its working out great for me. I will oftentimes dream feed him around midnight before going to sleep myself. Then Quayd wakes up anywhere from 6:45-8:30am to eat. Occasionally he will wake to nurse around 4:30am but that feeding is pretty much gone now. If he wakes to eat on the later side around 8:30am, he will usually lay in my bed and kick and smile and coo for about an hour and then sleep until 12 or 1pm. He doesn’t really have a set schedule during the day yet but he has several naps and lots of playtime on his mat. He also loves his swing and will happily swing and nap for at least an hour here and there. I’m so thankful that after the first month or so, he really became a very chill and happy baby. 🙂

I’d say on an average day, Quayd probably nurses about 8-10 times. His feedings are short at about 5 minutes. He just nurses one side and then he’s done. I pump once when I get up and again at night. I use my haakaa at Quayd’s morning feeding and for any feedings where I’m feeling over full but thankfully I’ve gotten that down to just a couple times a day. It’s harder to use it now that football holding such a large baby is much more awkward. 😂

Wearing his pumpkin shirt to trunk or treat.

At his 3rd pumpkin patch/4th corn maze/1st hay ride. 😁

We’ve definitely had a busy and fun filled fall. We went to Indiana for 3 days/nights to visit DH’s sister and her family. We’ve gone on lots of walks and to lots of pumpkin patches and corn mazes. Quayd has attended his first wedding (on the outside of my body, that is) and traveled out of state! I’m so happy that despite my worries that adding a 4th baby to our family so soon was going to be insurmountably hard, he’s actually fitting right in. I’ve learned how to fit another person in and still get ready for church, go grocery shopping, cook and clean, go out to eat etc without any real difficulty. I’m so thankful!!! I know I never really wrote about my worries (I never found a way to express my feelings) but trust me, I had them. 🤣 Thankfully everything has turned out fine.

Dear God, thank You for this precious person. He’s a beautiful part of our lives and we are so grateful for him. In Jesus’ name, amen.