I wish I had more birth pictures I could share but the birth went so fast, we don’t actually have very many pictures. Due to the room being dark, the few pictures we do have are either dark, yellow and blurry from the dim light and no flash or very white when my sister tried using the flash. That’s ok though. Here are a few that I felt were post worthy and showed the mood* and atmosphere of the labor, birth and the first few days at home. Enjoy!

*You may notice that DH is stuck in a smile during the labor. He’s not trying to be cheesy for these candid shots, that’s just how the labor went. Apparently I crack a lot of dark but hilarious jokes when I’m running on almost 24 hours of no sleep and am in the thick of labor.

Stopping in the hall for a quick shot between contractions.


After getting out of the shower, I decided to try laboring on my left side through a few contractions.

IMG_3179 (2)

I tried sitting on the ball and rocking my hips for a few minutes. That was very unpleasant.

After DH helped me get my bra back on, I went to the rocking chair. This is where transition took place and the pains became less manageable. Nobody but the nurse believed I was about to give birth though. It just felt so soon!


I moved to the bed after the rocking chair and labored through a few contractions leaning over the back of the bed. Then I asked for the Dr to come break my water. I laid on my right side and began pushing before rolling onto my back and delivering him.

IMG_3217 (2)

And then he was here!

IMG_3235 (2)

After nursing for awhile



IMG_3265 IMG_3259.JPG


This is about an hour after the birth. He’s been weighed and nursed and now his eyes were goopy from the ointment.


First cuddles with Daddy.


IMG_3311 (2)

Meeting big brothers who were ever so excited. (And yes, Tru is wearing a mixing bowl that he decorated with paper and tape.)


Zane couldn’t get over his excitement and wanted to hold Quayd forever


Then it was Levi’s turn


And finally Tru had a turn


Then Zane cried and cried because we wouldn’t let him carry Quayd around like a stuffed animal



First bath. I think he was 3 days old. The same day his cord fell off.





Two adorable baby boys, well on their way to best friends status. ❤