Our little guy’s personality has come so alive the last couple weeks. He smiles constantly, coos, giggles, laughs when we tickle around his neck, he’s far less fussy, he loves to look at me and smile as he softly sucks his binky while he falls asleep. 💕 He’s completely stolen my heart! I can’t tell you how many times a day I look at him and just feel overwhelmed with love. He’s everything that our family could ever hope for, wrapped in the most precious little baby bundle. 😊

Quayd loves laying on the play mat and even swats at the toys although he doesn’t grab onto them often yet. I see him following us around the room with his eyes and turning his head towards our voices. His arms and legs are in constant motion when he’s focused on looking at his toys, like he thinks if he just kicks and waves hard enough he will be able to get to it. I also notice his little mouth working in concentration. It’s positively adorable!

His current schedule is:

  • Wake up about 8-9am and nurse, smile and interact with me while I pump. We stay in my bedroom for this feeding because he usually falls back to sleep.
  • Quayd wakes up again around 10:30-11am. Eat, play on his mat, smiles and interacts with his brothers for a bit and then usually takes a nap in his swing.
  • Wake around 1pm to eat, play more, sit in his little portable seat for a bit and then maybe eat again before another nap.
  • He continues through this cycle throughout the day but not at distinguished times.
  • Around 10-11pm he starts to fuss and won’t settle until he’s swaddled with his pacifier in his or my bed. I usually nurse him again and he falls asleep in his co sleeper for the night. The last week he’s been going to sleep for the night closer to 10:30, whereas previously it was around midnight usually.
  • Wake to nurse anywhere from 3-5am. If he doesn’t wake on his own, I dream feed him and use my haakaa pump out of necessity so I can remove some milk.

I’m still using my medela pump morning and night and using the haakaa about 2-3 times during the evening and during our middle of the night feeding. Usually I’m pumping around 28 ounces a day with the majority of that being in the morning.

*A bit TMI* I’m feeling pretty good and mostly back to normal. I think I’ve lost about 27lbs and I’m actually decently happy with my weight right now. My only real complaint is I’ve been having a LOT of heart palpitations the last 2 weeks. One experience was strange where we were walking in a corn maze with my in-laws. I felt perfectly normal when out of nowhere I had a strong flutter in my chest and felt my body go limp. I fell to my hands and knees as I had no ability to stand. If I was holding the baby, I’m sure I’d have dropped him, which scares me. Thankfully my mil had a wet washcloth and bottled water in her bag (apparently she’s prepared for absolutely anything, anywhere, which is super awesome) and after I drank some water and wiped my face, I started to feel more normal, albeit a little weak. I’m really hoping that never happens again because it scared me how it was out of nowhere. Maybe I was a little dehydrated though because looking back at that morning, I hadn’t drank much water besides my coffee. That same day I also started a 6 day long spree of stop and start spotting after having been completely done with all that for nearly 3 whole weeks. I don’t know if that was some kind of mini af or what but I’m definitely hoping af will stay gone for a few more months. 🤞*

Anyway, that’s all I have time for now. I’m trying to get an update for Tru posted this week (HE JUST TURNED 6 YEARS OLD!!! 😮💕) and Zane (we saw the hematologist and everything seems to be normal with our little toddler person ❤️ praise the Lord!!). I just need to find a few spare minutes to get those typed up.

Dear God, thank You for 2 more beautiful weeks with this precious little baby. He’s such a joy to our family and such a sweet person. I’m so thankful You chose to bless our family with Quayd. Please watch over and protect him all the days of his life. In Jesus’ name, amen.

I sent this to my sister and she sent it back edited. 😂 I’m happy to say that I survived the toy isle while pushing a double stroller and nursing an infant. I felt pretty hardcore after that. 🤣🤣🤣