Written 9-12-19

Shew! What.A.Week. Last Thurs I came down with mastitis. I thought I was in the clear after the pain I’d been having the day before let up Thurs morning, but no. My body was just gearing up for the real pain that was coming that afternoon. By bedtime it had progressed red streaking, pain in my right breast, body aches and a fever with chills intermittently all night and into Fri morning. Fri I was also dizzy and nauseous. I spent all of Fri weak and laying in the recliner. Sat was a little better but I still laid around all day. Sun I made it to church and to the dollar store to grab a few things but by then my boob was aching again. Here it is a whole week later and the lump and pain are pretty much gone but I still don’t feel like myself. It doesn’t help that I came down with a head cold on Mon too and am dealing with a possible thrush infection in my nipples now. *sigh* I do have my postpartum checkup next week, so I’m hoping that if I still feel so run down by then, the dr will be able to shed some light on why and help me get feeling better.

But enough about me!! Little Quayd is smiling now!! He smiled for me a couple times yesterday and even cooed. DH didn’t believe he could actually smile but he was holding Quayd out on the porch and came hurrying in to tell me that Quayd smiled at him too. 😊 I’m excited for more smiles and coos and to see Quayd’s personality developing.

I’m always scared to admit this but sleep has been pretty good the last couple weeks. We even had 2 nights where Quayd slept from around 11pm to 5am, I think and 12:30am to 6:50am. I did wake up and pump in the night one of those nights. Most of the rest of the nights he’s been going to sleep anywhere from 11:30pm-1:30am and then waking to eat around 2-4am and again at 5-7am and then at 8am and up for the day around 10am. I’m really glad he’s getting the hang of sleep and I hope he stays on a good schedule.

Some things about Quayd at 4 weeks:

  • He’s only content when he’s awake if he’s being held, but specifically, walked or moved around. He’s not generally happy for long when he’s awake, unfortunately. This seems to be solidly linked to his belly being painful much of the time. I’ve started giving him infant probiotic drops to see if that helps.
  • He actually has moments where he likes tummy time, which is super cute. 💙
  • He seems to have a lot of trouble pooping but he’s not constipated. He just strains so much before finally having success. Poor little guy. :/
  • The boys are loving Quayd being more alert now. They love talking to him, holding his hands and kissing the top of his head. Levi asks to hold him frequently but Tru and Zane are content with just holding his hands and kissing him.
  • Quayd hates baths for the most part, so we just do those every few days and sponge him off in-between times. He’s got very oily skin on his face and of course, baby acne, but it seems to be clearing up now. I forget if I mentioned this in my last update but it’s interesting to me that we both had a breakout at the same time. Like our hormones are still linked somehow.
  • I weighed Quayd yesterday and if my scale is correct, he’s already 11lbs 12oz!! 😱 That’s over 3lbs up from his birth weight of 8lbs 6oz. I’m looking forward to his checkup next week to see if my scale is telling the truth.
  • I ordered a bunch of pacifiers and we found one Quayd likes. Amazon sent me a pink and purple one instead of the blue ones in the picture. 😂 I’m just happy we finally got one that makes Quayd’s mouth feel happy. 💙
  • I bought a swing last week and finally set it up today. He seemed to like it for the few minutes we tried it!

I’m really thankful for all those meals I froze at the end of pregnancy. Between those (16, but actually more because some were big enough to last a couple nights), the meals people have brought us (4), the pre prepped frozen meals I bought (3) and the couple times we’ve bought take out, I’ve only had to actually cook a few times! It’s been great. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end as we only have 3 frozen meals left. It’s gonna be tough to get back in the swing of things with meal prep and planning but it will also be nice to have some freshly prepared food. Frozen just is never the same.

Dear God, thank You for pulling us through this week. Please bless us with strength and health and happiness. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Fresh and clean after his bath