Guys! I don’t want to regret saying this later but, we’ve had 4 good nights of sleep in a row! In fact, the last 2 nights Quayd slept from 12:30am (when we went to bed) until 5:45am. I actually woke him up to eat this morning when I woke up at 5:30am so engorged that I absolutely needed him to eat. He usually eats around that time anyway but had also been waking up for a 2:30am feeding. Then he sleeps most mornings from 6am to 8am and then goes back to sleep after a half hour or so and sleeps until 10-11am. He’s having so much more alert time each day and I think we are starting to see a schedule emerging. I love that he’s awake now for an hour or two here and there. His eyes and facial expressions are so stinking cute! The boys absolutely love seeing him awake. But sleeping cuddles are always the best. ❤️😊

This baby is a chunk!! DH and I both stepped on the scale with him tonight and he appears to be 10lbs 12oz already! 😱😮 I don’t even know what to think about that. He probably won’t fit size one diapers much longer. He’s completely out of his newborn outfits and is filling out his 0-3 month outfits perfectly and some 3 month outfits almost fit already. Thankfully his belly button is fully healed now and isn’t bleeding anymore like it had been last week.

This was my first week solo with the kids all day, all week. It went pretty well! My older sister came to visit us on Sat and then we visited some of DH’s relatives later on. Sun we had church and then a church party afterwards. It was a long and tiring day as it was over 90° and very humid outside and we were there for hours but it was so great to be around friends and family and get to show the little guy off as it was our first time back at church since he was born.

Today (Mon) we went for a quick visit to see DH’s parents and pick Tru and Levi up from them since they spent the night last night. Then we went for a drive and bought a sort of picnic lunch. I’m pretty tired now and I feel like this is a bit jumbled, so here are some bullet points….

  • Quayd is still a bit fussy when he’s awake but he loves the baby carrier and I bought him a swing today (our old swing broke) and I’m hoping he will like that too.
  • He smiled at me for real once at 2 weeks 4 days (Aug 24th) but only tiny smiles since. I’m so looking forward to more smiles!
  • He loves being talked and sang to.
  • He’s definitely not a huge fan of being in his carseat but usually calms down as soon as I turn on some music.
  • We’ve tried 6 different types of pacifiers and he’s just not great at keeping them in his mouth but he’s starting to accept them more. I have one more style to try!
  • Poor little guy is awfully gassy. He almost never spits up and isn’t a big burper but boy does he rips some big ones! His poor belly gets so painful. I have some gripe water that I plan to try giving him tomorrow now that he’s old enough to use it.
  • Im still using the haakaa pump several times a day at feedings but I’ve had to pull out my medela a couple mornings when the engorgement was too intense. I’m typically getting 20+ ounces a day depending on how many feedings I pump during with the haakaa.
  • I’ve lost around 23lbs now and aside from sore nipples and a headache every day, I feel pretty normal again. 🙂 Definitely still some lingering brain fog, but hopefully that will clear up now that I’m getting longer periods of sleep.

Levi asks constantly to hold Quayd and I feel bad that, because Quayd is pretty fussy, I usually have to say no. Overall, the boys have done AMAZING with this whole transition. I expected they would take it much harder than they have. Levi has probably struggled the most as he’s always been our most cuddly kid and needs LOTS of attention. I took him out for ice cream the other day while I ran a quick errand with just him and Quayd. I think he liked that special time together as he chatted with me the whole time. ❤️I started school with Tru and Levi on Aug 29th. It was hard to get it all done but they enjoyed their lessons. I’m nervous about having so much to do every day and I know it won’t be easy, but I’m so thankful for this time to pour into these little guys while they are so young and so happy to just be with me. I’ll have to post more on this later though. I need to do seperate updates on each kid as they are long overdue for an update now.

Dear God, thank You for more sleep and more bonding time with Quayd. Thank You for how well he’s doing and for blessing us so much with such a beautiful baby boy. Please keep watching over us and protecting each of us. In Jesus’ name, amen.