This has been an interesting week. Sunday (37+4), I woke up at 8am and started having contractions fairly often. They were deep cramping and pressure in my pelvis but didn’t get stronger or closer together, so I got ready for church. I noticed the baby wasn’t moving very much so I tried to pay attention throughout the morning to his movements. By the time Sunday school was over, I thought I’d felt about 10 movements in the 3 hours since I woke up. I let DH know that I’d probably want to go to triage after church was over so I could check on Quayd, just to be safe. Keep in mind, I was still having contractions this whole time and was on day 3 of bl**dy show.

On the way home I picked up my sister M to come stay with the boys. Then I ate some lunch and tried to do a kick count. He definitely started moving more but not as much as normal and since this was day 3 of less movement (and he also hadn’t passed his nst on Friday in the usual 20 minutes), we decided to just play it safe and have the hospital check on him. Also, still having contractions every 7-14 minutes. On the way to the hospital we stopped for dinner at a restaurant since I wasn’t imminently worried.

We were able to get seen right away in triage when we got there and were done in about an hour. Quayd looked great on the monitor despite me still not feeling much movement. I was checked and 3cm but not much effacement, having contractions every 10 mins or so that registered around 80 on the toco monitor. So anyway, the nurse said possibly early labor and to come back when the contractions were 5 minutes apart. And of course, as soon as we left, the contractions fizzled out. 12 hours of contractions and they just.freaking.stopped. At least we were able to make the most of our evening by turning it into a date. We stopped for coffee and just enjoyed being together alone for a little bit. It was refreshing. 🙂

So, anyway, the pelvic pain issues I’ve been having reached an all time horrible this week. My mornings have been spent in tears after struggling to sleep with the pain. And then my right leg will be so stiff that I can hardly move it to get out of bed. Everything hurts and there’s been no way to get comfortable! HOWEVER, yesterday I went for a 30 minute massage and a chiropractic adjustment and, oh my goodness… I woke up this morning feeling almost like my usual self! It’s amazing!! I hope my pelvis will stay in place until the induction so I don’t have that pain and immobility to contend with on top of labor.

Yesterday I also went out for an impromptu dinner with my parents and brother AS since we all happened to be in town at the same time. That was nice. 🙂 Now that induction is just a few days away, I just want to spend my time resting up and being with my family. Tomorrow I have a checkup, nst and bpp (I’ll probably just add a quick edit to this post with those stats tomorrow) and then the next day we are supposed to pick my sister L up from the airport. 🙂 I need to take Zane for his bloodwork this weekend too!

So, my last week of symptoms updates…. Everything is pretty much the same as before but I think I never mentioned that my nose has been so incredibly stuffy this whole pregnancy. Thank goodness for those adhesive nose strips that help me sleep at night! I am also looking forward to being done with my heparin shots (I switched from lovenox to heparin last week) as my belly is itchy and covered in bruises and welts. And now I’m breaking out in the face rash that I get from the allergic reaction to the preservative. Oh my…

My weight keeps yo-yoing between 31-35 pounds gained. Today its at 34. This is the least I’ve ever gained (and it’s still a lot! 😳) which is probably because I started out so much heavier than I was with my other pregnancies.

Ok y’all, I really don’t have anything further to add. We are ready for baby whenever he wants to come out or at least on induction day. 🙂 The kids are excited and counting down the days, especially Tru. They’re ready for me to be able to play with them more without having to stop to gasp for air and wincing in pain getting up and down. I’m ready, that’s for sure! I have very very few sentimental thoughts surrounding pregnancy this time around. I’ve loved growing this little person but it’s been rough doing pregnancy in the heat of summer with 3 little guys who need me constantly. Hopefully I have another easy recovery from birth like I did with Zane. 😉



Dear God, thank You for less pain today. Thank You for bringing us safely through this pregnancy. Please help us to have a safe delivery and for the boys to have fun and be safe while we are gone having the baby. In Jesus’ name, amen.