Yesterday we reached the same gestation as Tru was born at and I almost thought we’d be having this baby too. I had my checkup and nst, which Quayd failed in the allotted time, despite being buzzed twice. The dr decided to leave him on the monitor awhile longer and he finally gave a couple accelerations. That concerns me though because he’s definitely moving less yesterday and today. I’m being vigilant with kick counts, which I’ve never really had to pay much attention to with this hyper boy. So, that’s a bit worrisome.

I asked the dr if she would mind to do a membrane sweep if she was able to and she was happy to oblige. She said I was 2, more like 3cm dilated. I forgot to ask her about effacement. She said if the sweep is going to work, it usually will in 24 hours. I started having contractions right away (3pm) and they continued and built in intensity until 8pm and then they fizzled out. I woke up through the night with mild contractions but this morning I’m just crampy. TMI: I did pass plug this morning and also had spotting Monday and Friday (yesterday). Monday I had lots of cramping and contractions but they also fizzled out by the time I went to bed. Regardless, I’m extremely thankful that I’ve made more progress dilating. Every centimeter I can get out of the way now is one less centimeter I have to suffer through on induction day.

I haven’t had too bad a week for symptoms. Probably because I’ve been so overwhelmed by the pelvic pain that is radiating down my inner right thigh. I think it’s actually originating from my low back. Some stretches help a little. I also have a chiropractor appointment scheduled next week.

I keep fluctuating between 34-35lbs gained. Desperately hoping I don’t gain any more! I have a few new stretch marks around my belly button. I think it’s due to the fact I’ve been very lazy about putting on lotion this time around. For my first 2 pregnancies I didn’t get any belly stretch marks and I know I was much more careful to put on my lotion. Lesson learned!

I got a couple more meals frozen this week. Chicken broccoli casserole and chicken pot pie, banana and chocolate chip muffins and tons of pancakes. I think I’m done freezing meals now.

Oh! I almost forgot, I had my first ever professional pedicure this week. (I know. I live under a rock.) My sil wanted to take my mil for her birthday, so I tagged along. I love love love the polish color, I loved the massage chair and the foot soak. Could definitely live without the hedge clippers on my cuticles and the cheese grater on my feet. In fact, the man who did my pedicure had to stop because I was laughing so hard from how bad it tickled. He was afraid I’d go into labor right then and there. He said they actually had a woman who’s water broke during her pedicure! Anyway, I enjoyed the experience overall and just getting to relax.

At the point where I could no longer hold back the laughter from the tickling.

We decided to take the boys to the mini golf last night since they’ve been begging to go all week. It was their first ever time and they all had a lot of fun. However, it was so incredibly HOT out that Tru and I both started to get sick from the heat. He couldn’t finish the last few holes because he had to sit down so he wouldn’t throw up. Some cold water, the van AC and an ice cream cone finally cooled everyone off. The kids are already asking to go again. 🙂

He knows what he’s doing.

Dear God, thank You for another week down. Please bring us safely to the end of this pregnancy and I pray that Quayd will be delivered whenever and however is best for him. Thank You for my body making more progress towards birth. Thank You for fun times with my little ones. In Jesus’ name, amen.