First things first, I talked to the nurse at Zane’s pediatrician’s office this week and the dr also emailed. The plan currently is to run another follow up test in 3 weeks and see if Zane’s bloodwork comes back better. The dr was encouraged by the slight improvement last week. The nurse said the dr would call and consult with a pediatric hematologist, just to be sure that his plan to test again is ok.

But seriously, how perfectly beautiful!

All of this concern with Zane got me thinking about cord blood banking. I thought about it in the past but didn’t go through with it, but this time I ordered a kit and it came today. I thought it might be good to do at least this once. It’s a donation/storage package, so we are actually able to help someone now while still storing for our own potential use.

My nst and bpp went well this week. I chatted with the dr about how I’ve been having these episodes of breathless/lightheaded/heart racing at least 1-2 times a day, often for an hour or more. She said she could send me to the ER (I was currently having an episode and my heart rate was 115 but blood pressure was only 122/76) or I could call the cardiologist later who I saw back before I got pregnant with Zane. He had prescribed me a beta blocker but I got pregnant like a week later and never took it. He didn’t see anything life threatening going on but did note an arrhythmia… I think. Honestly, I forget what he said… 😌 Anyway, obviously, I opted to call the cardiologist. I’m sure I’ll feel better once the baby is out though. Aside from that, the ob just did a quick pelvic exam and said I’m 1cm but nothing interesting going on in there. 🙈 Thankfully my group B strep test came back negative. Yay!

Aside from the breathless/lightheaded/pounding heartbeat thing, my most prominent symptoms are:

  • Heartburn – I’ve never had this vicious of heartburn and acid reflux. It feels like a fire breathing dragon in my throat. I take zantac when it gets really out of hand because the reflux chokes me and makes my throat sore. If the old wives tales are true, maybe I’ll have a baby with hair!! 😃
  • Stretch marks – I see the ones Zane put on my belly (I never had any on my belly until I got a few faint ones around my belly button) and now I’ve added quite a few to my inner right thigh and both legs on the top.
  • Exhausted – not every day, but I’ve had a few days where I was so tired that I hardly could hold my eyes open. In fact, I drank my coffee and fell back to sleep one morning. 😂 Thankfully DH was home and kept an eye on the kids. Gotta get that sleep when I can!
  • Restless legs – and arms!
  • Water tastes gross – just another one of those first trimester symptoms that likes to pop up again at the end. Thankfully the nausea has been almost absent this week.

I added several meals to the freezer this week, bringing the total to 14. I’m running out of good freezer meal ideas but I still have a bunch of chicken to cook up. I froze:

  • Grilled chicken that can be served on a salad or something easy
  • Venison and noodles
  • Spanish rice
  • Chicken Alfredo pasta bake

I need to take a better pic. I just snapped this real quick but my goodness, I look haggard. 😂 Weight is up 33-34lbs.

This is the 3rd time this year that we’ve had a nest of bluebirds in the bluebird box we bought. 14 baby birds total!!

The little wrens that nested in my hanging basket of flowers flew away a couple days ago.

DH and I celebrated 11 years of marriage this week. 😊 He bought me a beautiful pot of succulents (I prefer my flowers still alive and uncut) and a very sweet and thoughtful card. We didn’t get to have a date night or anything but it was still a blessed day. My dad stopped by with a card and cookies. 😋

Dear God, please continue to lead us gently through these last few days of pregnancy. Thank You for all the blessings of this past week and for the excitement of getting ready for Quayd. Please help Zane to keep getting good test results and to be healthy. In Jesus’ name, amen.